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SOL Matrimonial Page One.....Who is marrying Who?

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Originally posted by rudy:

i might be a broke azz td! but at least i aint a slave 4 no one!! sick in the head xalimoos!

If you wanna get some, know this women don't give it away out of pity. For host of reasons most of them having to do with biology. So put an end to this self-deprecation. Admitting to being broke, although admirable on it's own, won't get you laid.


BTW, pay Ibstisaam no heed... she doesn't know shid from shinola.

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Originally posted by Nubia:



Have you disclosed the details of the actual couple. It would be nice to know
who we are congratulating . Unless of course your thread is false or perhaps there is more to the story then you have implied.

direct them at rendez, he's about to tie the knot with his significant other *the it again*. Mabruuk brother...may it be a happy union that lasts long and may you blessed with plenty mini rendezs :D . *ameen*

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