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MJ - Did He or Did He Not??

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Originally posted by stpaulchick:

but that dudes weird

disturbingly weird character indeed

tho undeniably a musical genius

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Horta,subax wanagsan


Being acquitted of all charges does not necessarily equate to being innocent of the original charges.


Just because a California jury found him ‘NOT GUILTY’ does not mean he never did it [Your original poll question was as such]. If you ask me personally, MJ probably does freaky ish with em lil’ boys.*shriek.*


The prosecution did a blunder, the defense did a superb job.[Thanks to ‘Celebrity Justice’ for all this :D ].


Where they should send him, in my opinion is Maanokoobiyo. That dude is freaky.

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sure he may look like somethin straight out of the starwars movie...BUT he's innocent! he loves helping kids, loves giving them a proper childhood..heck he built a wonderland place where kids can enjoy themselves .. :( and now its gone!


he's a freak. he looks freaky. there's a difference ! there's no denying that he looks like the freakiest ish ...but thats our opinion!


redface.gif i've said it far too many times..but i'll say it one more time: the dude is INNOCENT!!


-jackson fan-

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