Real sacrifices and leadership are needed for Somalia to rise again, plus a conversation with parliament member.

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Anything that has a value is hard to get.  it  needs some efforts to gain anything that has a value.  Nations do not get their independence without sacrifices from everyone: men, women, young and n old. If Somalia want to rise up again and get back it's independence, sovereignty and peace, sacrifices are needed from everyone.


Only the fool, the ignorant or those who are self serving their own narrow interest would expect others to fight, fix and sacrifice their own country. While nations of good will and those driven by human desire to help others exists, no one should expect others to clean the mess in their own houses. Somalis in Mogadishu and from diaspora are cashing the false hope others doing the sacrifices while they partying in Mogadishu hotels.


Since i am a great fan of the Turkish Republic, I spend a great deal of time to study not only their ancient history, but how a nation occupied by Greece, UK, France, Italy at the end of first world war gained their independence. While the khalif , Sultan Mehmet, capitulated to keep his throne and carve out the country to the allied forces, the Turkish Nationalist Movement led by Mustafa Kamal and others refused to accept the dismembering of their country. 


Turkey gained their country at the war of independence by defeating a half million Greeks army supported by the British, pushed the Russian backed Armenians in the east, defeated the French in the South west. After the defeat of the Greeks and regaining of the whole Anatolia by sheer sacrifice and courage of the Turkish army, the British army that was occupying Istanbul made a deal and evacuated their forces. Everywhere nations pay a high price to be free and independent. Go and watch the second world war era movie called Dunkirk, which shows the sacrifices of the British to keep  out the Nazis from landing to Britain soil.  Study how many millions of Russians sacrificed to  defeat the Hitler army. Go and check the siege of leningrad.


The most famous and known human sacrifice done by the Somali race in the 20th century was those waged by Sayid . M. Xasan and Darwiish movement. Those waged by the Water Maal community in lower Shabelle, and those waged by Sheikh Hassan Barsame in Lafoole , where thousands died fighting against the Italian colonies. In order to keep the Somali territory to be free and under the Islamic foundation, the Darwiish movement and others lost  tens of thousands of men, women and children  at the end of movement. Thousands of men were moved by the British machine gun and bombing at the Taleex castles by air plane. Folks, since then what kind of sacrifices had the Somali people done.


Of course there were the SYL and other independence movements; there were sacrifices to liberate Western Somalia from Abyssinia in 1977; There were Somalis who resisted the Ethiopian invasion of Mogadishu and the south in 2007; there were Somali army members who defended the sovereignty of Somalia from 1960-1990, yet since then,  for the last 27 years, we haven't done any huge sacrifices as a nation or as a people together.


Somalia is at war, but who is doing the sacrificing?


Most of you have seen the image of  the Somali president in military fatigues rallying troops to defeat Al-shabaab and the enemies of peace and stability, yet very few people are doing the necessary sacrifice to pacify the nation.


Somali soldiers manning checkpoints, guarding government leaders, and those who are on the front are dying and sacrificing for all, yet they get paid very small amount of salary compared to others, while everyone else in enjoying life.  If a nation is  at war , it means citizens of every age and status doing their part to bring back the country and keep its independence.


Somali businessmen who made millions for the last  25 years without paying any taxes have refused to pay the necessary  taxes for their imported goods. They have been asked to pay the lowest tax levy ever paid around the world, yet they want to enrich themselves without paying taxes. As they say, " Citizens pay taxes but not tribes". Here in the west , the native indians do no pay taxes since they dwell in tribal reserves.


In Mogadishu, the elite, the politicians and the quick cash seeking members of the diaspora are partying in big hotels. While a war is going on in Balacd, 30 km from the capital.  Mogadishu is partying and cashing the so called millions spent by the international community to build the capacity of the government to manage its affairs. Bombings are going off in the capital, and the only way to confront these  threat is to close the main boulevards of the city.


Despite all these urgent issues that must keep up at night every Somali leader or government members, the typical Mogadishu" " Xadhig Jiid" is the game of the town. Rather than mobilize the nation and demand sacrifices from everyone , there is the usual power struggle inside parliament and the government.


So, in order to sort out the Mogadishu fiction from the reality, I sought to sit down a former member of the last parliament who was among the top five leaders of the parliament to explain things, especially the affair to oust the Chairman of the house Mr. Mohamed Jawaari.


Galbeedi: Tell us about the latest issues to unseat chairman Jawari.


Former member of parliament:  Jawari had some  issues with government prior of the DP World, especially the reform of the parliament. When Somali constitutional experts arrives in Mogadishu last October, he and others postponed and took over the issue from the sinister and the expert people. The government believe that with Jawaari in the parliament nothing will happen especially constitutional changes. He knows how to manipulate the members.


Galbeedi: Is this vote against Jawaari anything t do with DP World.

FMP: In my knowledge, before the DP world vote the government wrote a letter and communicated with him to postpone the vote and keep the DP issues under the lid for a while. They were trying to go to different channels to resolve the issue and they were not comfortable about expelling the DP from the country. Mr. Jawaari refused to sign the papers and rushed the issues since large number of the members were eager to punish UAE. So, this latest rejection broke the camel's back because, before the parliamentary recess there was a motion to unseat the prime minister, and Khayre decided to go to the offensive and get rid of Jawaari.


Galbeedi: What kind of person is Jawaari?, is he involved in any corruption.


FMP: Jawaari is the most experienced person inside the government and parliament in Somalia today. He has been in government and public service since 1962. He is a genies who remembers everything that took place from the sixties to today. He is an expert when it comes to delaying tactics, undermining the members of parliament and using the office to his own agenda. In the last parliament , we were pushing to lead the agenda of the next election, but he single handedly given all our authority to Hassan Sheikh and closed the parliament six months before the election. For exchange, he nominated ministers to the cabinet and made the parliament to become the subordinate to Hassan Sheikh. 


Galbeedi: The speaker does not command the majority party in the parliament since members belong to different tribes, and the job of the chairman is to be  partial arbiritor of the parliament , why is he having all these powers?


FMP: Well, most of the members are mostly passive individuals who could not even understand the parliamentary procedures and their legitimate power. There are some rules that we have changed in the last parliament, yet Jawaari and his deputy are using to sideline the opposition members. Only about a hundred of us understood the rules, and we were very active.  many of those were either bought ,  killed by foreign intelligence, by Al-shabaab or died in mysterious ways, yet we fought hard to make it a functioning parliament. 


Galbeedi : Why every small issue that arises among Somali leaders becomes a mountain?


FMP: It is very strange. In Kenya, there was un election, and a judge has thrown out the result by ordering a new one. The opposition decided to reject the result, but the courts cleared. Case closed. In Pakistan, the prime minister was deposed, and everyone accepted and moved on. It is all about the leadership. Rather confront the issue and resolve before it transforms from small hill to mountain, they wait and wait , and at the end it would consume the whole nation.


Galbeedi: Why is Farmaajo hiding from the real problems or the tough issues that rise from governing?


FMP: It is well known that Farmaajo is one of the weakest leaders Somalia had ever seen. If anything is accomplished in Somalia, it is because of the work of prime minister Khayre for good or bad, but Farmaajo does not have the ability to execute things. During the Qalbi-Dhagax affair , Farmaajo disappeared from the public eye and went to hiding. A lady who is member of the Senate were trying to reach the president, and it took her two weeks to see if he was functioning or not. Finally she was able to meet him and she said, " Were you alive all these weeks?' he said  yes.  She said, " Thank God, all I wanted was to see if you were alive" and left ( In aad nooshahay iyo inkale ayuun baan rabay in aan ogaado, ka dibna albaabka ayey ka baxday"


Galbeedi: Governing means making tough decisions and executing ( Dawladnimadu waa go'aan qaadasho iyo kale goyn lakala goynayo arrimo cakiran), Isn't this kind of indecisiveness eventually reach Farmaajo and topple him.


FMP: By hiding in villa Somalia and watching the quagmire in the parliament from the distant, Mr. farmaajo thinks that  will keep him out the problems, but if he keeps watching these issues drag on, it will eventually reach him and even destroy his presidency.


Galbeedi: If they do not like the performance of chairman Jawaar, why not come out openly and explain the people for their desire to select a new blood that could energize the parliamentary issues that must be tackled.


FMP: Both the parliament and other power brokers in the town have to cash before Jawari goes out. Khayre has unleashed his group and will not rest until he sees blood, but It is the duty of the president to clear the air and bring order. These kind of little squabbles about changing the speaker has engulfed the nation and had eroded the trust of the people. The more they these drags on the more they neglect the security issues and governing.


Galbeedi: This president had the support of the people which would have moved mountains and due to his actions or inaction , that support is eroding. What went wrong?


FMP: Having the support of the people means confronting tough issues that face Somalia. The people of Mogadishu overwhelmingly supported him. There were many reasons, but the most important one was that they thought he will kick the Ethiopian out of the country and bring some of the pride the public felt about those issues. They also expected him to mobilize and bring total peace. In Farmaajo, you have a leader who is throwing away the support of the people for unknown special interest group that does not serve Somalia. Problem after problem is arising within the government and the president is nowhere to be found. Don't get me wrong, everyone knows that Farmaajo had good intentions, but he is not a leader.


Galbeedi: are you saying the people Mogadishu are more pro state these days?


FMP: There  are always anarchists but the larger public want a functioning state and peace. A large group of the locals had  reached the middle class lifestyle and they want a place to enjoy their worldly life, yet they can not due to the  insecurity. If you look back the huge bomb that killed over 500 people in Mogadishu last October, most of those were from Galmudug community and others.


Galbeedi: Tell me about the national army.


FMP: There is an army but most of them were recruited through tribal means and could disband any time either without pay or being disgruntled. The only hope is that the Turkish, like an industry, are producing a good number of soldiers , but the catch  is how to keep them in the national army and pay their salaries.


Galbeedi: How about the constant clashes of the national army and the soldiers trained by the UAE.


FMP: The UAE trained soldiers were transferred to the national army, but their officers and soldiers still keep their contact and connection. THey are still drawing their salary which is three times larger than the national army through their old officers and some intelligence created by  Dubai. Some of these intelligence soldiers take actions without the knowledge of the government. So , if UAE keeps the payroll expect more problems.


Galbeedi: how about the " Reer Woqoyi" in Mogadishu.?


FMP: They adopted to the games of the Mogadishu and many, especially from the SNM community , are to serve not only Somaliland indirectly but also obstruct a lot of issue in the parliament.


Galbeedi: are you saying that they serve Somaliland or have direct links to Hargeisa ?


FMP: of course. Many of them were sent by the Siilaanyo government to join the parliament and have direct contact with Hargeisa. THey are instructed who to vote or which issue to push inside the parliament. Every time we tried to amend the constitution or do some changes, they and their allies will rise up and say , " waar dal dhan baa maqane sidee wax loo bedeli karaa" , they play a huge role to keep the quagmire in the parliament. The Hargeisa government is involved a lot of things. It seems peace in the south is the most dangerous thing for their survival.


Galbeedi: If this quagmire continue Somalia might be in danger of really fragmenting for real?


FMP: Somaliland is very weak politically, but throughout the years they have learned how to take advantage of the problems both in MOgadishu and Eastern regions of Somaliland. If Somalia had a real leader they could be easily forced to reverse the secession issue. You should not be even talking to them unless they renounce the separation.


Galbeedi: What is your hope for the short term and for the future?


FMP: Every leader knows that confronting the international community and changing their attitude of paying others to police the nation while Somali government is unable to build any meaningful security forces would be the first order of the day. Yet, nothing is changing. Tens of thousands of soldiers are sitting in Halane and other bases doing nothing other to drive around city with their armored vehicles. Places that were liberated from Al-shabaab were abandoned with full of arms . For the short term, I hope Turkey builds enough soldiers to secure the country, but in the long run , if we do not get a real leader next time around, forget about Somalia. 


Galbeedi: What is the biggest mistake we Somalis did for the last few years.


FMP: There are many, but the biggest trap is that people who are citizens of the UNited State of America have taken over the power of Somalia, and these people are guided from Washington and will not do anything that contradicts the American policy in the region. Farmaajo meets them at the airport and no one knows the real deal. They do not even understand how useless the foreign army is. Two years ago, Me , Jawaari and couple other members were invited by the Italian embassy in Halane to celebrate their independence day party. It took us four hours to enter the place. WE went through five checkpoints to reach Halane and when we reached, they just told us to wait and we sat for an hour before they let us enter the place. No matter who you are if you do not have real invitation , you can not enter. As you can feel, I was riding with leader of the parliament , the highest official of the government yet we were treated like bystanders.



Folks, this former member had told me a lot of sad stories about our country. I just gave you a small sample of the bad news, because , I do not want to kill the moral of the people or lower the moral of the public who read SOL. The time has come for president Farmaajo to rise up to the challenges or do some real soul searching. after two years, if there is war in Balcad, and no national army, then we the people have to make a tough decision before we lose another four years.

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Former Member of Parliament  or as Hargeisa folks call it "Xildhibaan Hore"  - hadaad qof ku tidhaahdid waa xildhibaan hore - waxa ula jeeda waa tuug musuqmaasuq aad u yaqaan. Very unfortunate you had been doped by a Xildhibaan Hore. :D 

You forgot to ask the most important question: What is the status of the Unionists these days? akaka :D  

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Suldaanka , 

our case is weak these days, but fortunately we got the worst of the worst as Bixxi and that gives us a good hope.

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24 minutes ago, galbeedi said:

Suldaanka , 

our case is weak these days, but fortunately we got the worst of the worst as Bixxi and that gives us a good hope.


Munaafaqada Ilaahay marku fashilayo waa sidan oo kale. 

So much talk about  corruption  terrorism and sacrifice for country only for you  to make  the statement above. 

" Biixi been the worst" gives you a great hope.

You are such a genuise who cracked the formula of making somalia into a healthy functioning government. You kept the details close to your chest but lies with burburka somaliland and the signs are there under "biixi the worst" which in turn gives you a good  hope. 

Your are so pretentious, so transparent, and reek of ciil, caadifad iyo cadho xad dhaaf ah. 

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Thank you.

Anything about Ethiopia from Mogadishu is so predictable, that the only people who buy into this are the ones who will not speak truth or will not face the problems, real problems. Ethiopia has no effect what so ever what is happening in Mogadishu and both you and the XMP know it.

One issue I cannot let go is the speaker and PM conflict. I know for a fact what the MP told is patently false and misdirection. The conflict is the Constitutional file, the main one and single most important issue between both of them.

The constitution is transitional/temporary one.

There is money that came for it to be reviewed and ratified.

The PM has most of this money. He wants the constitutional commission work and file done under him, his close control.

The speaker is arguing that constituion can not be monitored or controlled by Government. It can only be done with a body with closest to citizens Parliament, Elders, Senators..etc, but never government. Give the money to parliament or commission and hands of constitution work.

If the government has too much hand in the constirution work, rest assured will be rejected by parliamentarians since the regions control constitutional votes and every region will have part of it nor agreeable.

If this government expires the time for elections, it should be the one to blame. Both have different interest to frame in the constirution, but are both afraid to tell the issue.


The MP either misled you or that is what you wanted to hear. This is what is going on. UAE, Ethiopia..all is relatively secondary issues.



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Example of wrong wars of empty pride:

The British Empire gathered about 250,000 soldiers a lot of ships (including French and Dominions and colonies army except Canada) and headed to attack Turkey, dislodge Turkey completely from the Beousphorus, and have open and clear sea way for Russia. Battles was waged called Galipolli.

Churchill was mastermind and as chief of the whole venture. Canada told the British that this is meaningless nothing strategic and to cup it all "We are not coming", Canada did not participate. After a loss of almost 60, 000 and more than 100,000 wounded, injured etc the British had to withdraw to Egypt next safe place. For those of you in Australia and NewZeland this is what they celebrate/actually memorialize as ANZAC Day.

It was so humiliating Winston Churchill was fired/resigned and is believed to have really picked up his drinking then and was unemployed and borrowing money or trying jiornalism again.

On the other side was the man who became Atta Turk. He was not the main commander, but one of the commanders. Its there he knew the power of the soldier even when arms are not balanced.


Sometimes countries, Empires, Kingdoms, Sultanates start the wrong wars, and causes ther decline and sometimes collapse.

The Horn of Africa is full of such wars. Some of them which my friend galbeedi still admires and thinks were greatest wars.

I am amazed when I discuss with Somalis from the republic and try to show them that the Adal sultanate ended as a result of the conquest of the Xabesha. The Xabeshi from now Eritrea went to Zeila, visited Harer the capital of the time and made sure, the Adal sultanate will never attempt again, never even think of attempting again. In 30 years went from peak to zero. The Adal sultanate was trying to piggy back on the Ottomans who had their mission which was economic conflict with Tigray about a gold mine a Turkish nobles owned and operated, but a Tigrean Shiek had expelled and taken over for his tribe.

The Adal wanted to stop paying taxes to Xabeshi king and also the Xabeshi king using Zeila as his own and every decade or some years harrassing the Sulatanate. The Shiwa Amhara kingdom and Sulatante of Jima, both slave traders, were using Zeila and not wanting to share with Adal traders as middle men.

Whether the war of 1977 killed Somalia or not is debatable. It almost killed Ethiopia, that is for sure. I am one who is convinced the 77/78 war killed Somalia, never recovered, just went from one problem to another, bad to worst. The people that were supposedly to be freed from Xabeshi colonialism were the most angry and most disappointed about the whole war.




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Danayste weligiis waa jiray waana jiri doonaa Dr.galbeediyow.

Inta badan waxay ku dhashaan dunida sedexaad ayagoon bilo dhamaysan  si dhib leh  bay ku koraan naxariisna malahan.

Aragtidayda soomaaliya dhibka haysta tan koowaad waa ajaanibka nalooga dhigay madaxda

Aduunka meel laguma sheegin taariikh hore iyo tan casrigaa midna wadan ay hogaamiyaan 300 iyo dheeraad sharci dajiye ah madaxweyne wasiirka koowaad illaa kan shaaha kariya, oo ku kalsoon inay lasoo baxaan basabooro saliib ku sawiran yahay oo noocyo badan.

Wadaniyaddu xagee laga bilaabataa??

kow inaad qirto wadankaaga inuusan jirin wadan ka sareeya.

Balse soomaalidu waxay ka dhigtay dalkooda shirkad loo shaqo tago markii kontaaraddu dhamaatana nin walba dalkii soo korsaday oo caruurtu u daganayd uu ku noqdo.

Taasu waxay ka dhigantahay waxa laysku haystaa waa dhaqaalihii shirkada maal galisa soomaaliya


Jawaari waa nin oday ah oo taarikkh fog soo bilaabay shaqo, wuxuuna ku jiraa da'da hawsha laga fariisto mana tanaasili karo asagoo fiirinaya maslaxadda dadkiisa iyo dalkiisa.

Sababtuna waxay tahay, waxa laysku haystaa ma'ahan maslaxadda guud ee dalka waa dano gaara.

Dastuur ay ku kala baxaan ma leh maxkamad ay u noqdaan ma leh madaxweyne awood u leh inuu kala diro ama isu keeno ma leh oo dasrtuurka ku meel gaarkaa awoodaas ma siin.

Xalka ugu dhaw waa in la raadiyaa kittin loona sheegaa in shirkadii shaqaalaheedii shaqo joojin sameeyeen waxna socon waayeen 

Go'aanka ugu dambeeya asagaa leh oo gabre la tashanaya iyo ururka iggaad.

Jordan waa dal yar oo dhaqaale badnayn, waa laguu ogolyahay inaad jinsiyad kale qaadato shardiga kaliya oo lagaa rabaa waa inaad miiska saartaa kii aad u dhalatay waa muwaadinka caadigaa oo ah abihii dhalay madaxda sare.

Somaaliya tixgalinta koowaad waa inuu ajnabi yahay ilaa maamul goboleed ilaa federaal waa in dibadda loo dhoofaa si muwaadin loo soo noqdo, dalkana wax loogu qabto, kuwa ku haray dalkana fursad ay ku tahriibaan loo siiyo mar hadaysan muwaadiniin ahayn.

"hal loo jeedo inay xaaraan tahay yaan nalagu mashquulinayaa nirigteedu waa xalaal.

Waxaa kaloo iga yaabiyay qolo sheeganaysa ururada bulshada oo muqdisho ku nool, qurbahana ka timid kuna goodiyaya inay talaabo aan horay loo maqal qaadi doonaan hadaysan baarlamaanka iyo dawladdu sida ugu dhaqsaha badan u heshiin

Yaa u magacaabay inay bulsho hogaamiyaan? goormaa la doortay?

umaddii gaajadu haysay, waxaa laga dhigay, xaabo nin walba kabriid loogu dhiibay.

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Waxaan maqlay maalin dhaweyd wasiir beyleh oo dhahaayo bishan mushaarka shaqaalaha waa la joojiyey and it is obvious where that money will be used.

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20 hours ago, Ducale said:


Munaafaqada Ilaahay marku fashilayo waa sidan oo kale. 

So much talk about  corruption  terrorism and sacrifice for country only for you  to make  the statement above. 

" Biixi been the worst" gives you a great hope.

You are such a genuise who cracked the formula of making somalia into a healthy functioning government. You kept the details close to your chest but lies with burburka somaliland and the signs are there under "biixi the worst" which in turn gives you a good  hope. 

Your are so pretentious, so transparent, and reek of ciil, caadifad iyo cadho xad dhaaf ah. 


They are only fooling themselves. 

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      Waxa dhacay dagaalo culus oo lagaga soo horjeeday in ciidamada Ethiopia Somalia soo galaan maadaama ay yihiin dal ay Somalia cadaawad soo jireen ahi ka dhaxaysay, dagaalkani oo markii dambe ujeedooyin kale yeeshay oo ay ururo argagixiso oo dano kale lihi dhex galeen, waxaa sameysmay mucaarid xoogan oo dal iyo dibad ba isaga yimid oo Asmara isku urursaday oo wadaado iyo siyaasiyiin ba isugu jira.
      Waxa is khilaafay Cabdilaahi Yuusuf iyo Cali Maxamed Geedi oo Raisal wasaare ahaa waxaana noqday oo uu Raisal wasaare ka dhigtay madaxwayne Cabdilaahi yuusuf, Nuur Xasan Xuseen ( Nuur Cade ) oo ay markii dambe is qabteen iyo Cabdilaahi Yuusuf oo loo arkay nin wada aargoosi siyaasadeed oo Ethiopia iska hor yimaadeen, markiiba caalamku cadaadis ku saareen in uu talada wareejiyo.
      Waxaa xigtay in la dhisay dawlad ay ku mideysan yihiin maxaakiimtii islaamiga ahaa oo uu la heshiiyeen maraykanka iyo dawladihii danaynayey arimaha Somalia xiligaasi waxaana lala hadashiiyey intii ka soo hadhay dawladii Cabdilaahi Yusuf oo uu Nuur Cade hogaaminayo waxa la dhisay dawlad ku meelgaadh ah oo wadata baarlamaan ka kooban laba baarlamaan oo la isku daray oo uu hogaaminayo Sheekh Shariif waxaana lagu dhisay dalka Djibouti caasimadiisa Djibouti 2009.
      Xukuumada uu madaxwayne Shariif hogaaminayey (2009 ilaa 2012 ) waxa ay fursad u heshay in ay haykalkii dawladnimo dhisto, diyaariso nidaam dalka Somalia kumeelgaadhka lagaga saarayo, waxaa hawlahaa gadhwadeen ka ahaa Raisal wasaare Maxamed Cabdilaahi Farmaajo oo ku helay sumcad badan iyo Xukuumadiisii la odhan jirey ( TAYO ) .
      Murug iyo isqabsi dhacay ka dib waxa heshiis Kampala lagu gaadhay in Farmaajo iyo xukuumadiisa la rido oo xiligaasi faro baas ku haysay kooxaha argagixisada iyada oo dan loo arkay markaasi cid wadatayba, waxaana heshiiskaa Kampala Accord aqbalay Maxamed Cabdilaahi Farmaajo oo sidaa kaga tagey xilkii, xukuumadiisiina dhacday.
      Waxa kale oo Maamulka Sheekh Shariif iyo sadexdii Raisal wasaare ee kala dambeeyey diyaariyeen hab federal ah in dawladnimada Somalia loo badelo oo maamul goboleedyo la dhiso waxaana la iskula qaatay shirarkii Garoowe 1 iyo Garoowe 2 oo mudo kooban ka horeeyey shirkii London ee dib u dhiska Somalia 2012 oo 52 dawladood oo aduunka ahi ka soo qayb galeen.
      Shirkii London 2012 waxa uu ahaa shirkii ugu horeeyey ee Somaliland iyo Somalia kawada qayb galaan waxaana ku jirey oo ahaa shirarkaasi communique keegii 26 qodob ahaa qodobkiisa 6aad in beesha caalamku adkaynayso in xukuumada ku meelgaadhka ah ee Somalia iyo kuwa ka dambeeyaa wada hadal la furaan Somaliland .
      Waxa ku xigtay xukuumadii uu hogaaminayey Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud (2012 ilaa 2017 ) oo raacaysay qariirdadii Garowe 2 ( Garoowe Two Roadmap ) oo ahaa hirgalinta nidaamka maamul goboleedyada ( federal system) iyo qodobadii ka soo baxay shirkii London 2012 ee dib u dhiska Somalia oo ugu weynaa qodobka wadahadalada Somaliland iyo Somalia, Ethiopia waxa loo arkayey cida dabada ka riixaysa nidaankan ee qorshaheega lagu socdo.
      Xiligaasi xukuumada madaxwayne Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud waxa abuurnayd qadiyad Ethiopia diid ah oo loo arkayey in talada Somalia ay Addis-Ababa faraha kula jirto waxaana si gaar ah saameyn u lahaa General Gabre oo qaabilsanaa arimaha Somalia oo Muqdisho fadhiyey, sidoo kale ciidamada Ethiopia iyo Amisom na taladooda wax weyn ku lahaa.
      Madaxweynihii xigey waxa uu noqday Maxamed Cabdilaahi Farmaajo ( 2017 ilaa hadda 2021 ) fadhiya oo ku ololeeyey in aanay aheyn wax la aqbali karo in Ethiopia Somalia dhexdeeda ka taliso waxaana uu ku helay taageero iyo cudud weyn oo dadku siiyeen xiligaasi maadaama aad loo dareemayey culeyska Ethiopia.
      Ayaan darada dhacday Madaxwayne Farmaajo oo jooga ayaa muwaadiniin soomaaliyeed inta uu qab-qabtay Ethiopia u dhiibay oo uu ka mid ahaa Qalbi dhagax, ka dib markii xukuumadii Tplf meesha ka baxdayna waxa uu noqday garabka koowaad ee Abiy Ahmed iyo dawlada Ethiopia oo ay wada galeen heshiisyo sadex geesood ah dalalka Somalia, Ethiopia iyo Erateria.
      Xigasho hadalsame media
      Maxamed Cabdi Jaamac
      Maxamed Dhimbiil
      FG: Qoraal kasta wuxuu ka tarjumayaa aragtida qoraha ku saxiixan