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Going to work in Puntland, need some advice/info

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ASC walaalayaal,


I am going to be working in Puntland (Qardho and Bosaso) as of 2008. I am looking for information and advice from those of you who have been to the region.


I am specifically looking for information regarding the;


-Safety and security situation Qardho and Bosaso

-Climate; how hot/cold in january-august?

-Electricity system and plugs

-Flights to/ from the region and costs; what is the safest way to travel and from where?


-Accomodation; hotels/guest houses

-Cost of living; daily expenes

-Transport and telecommunications


Other suggestions from people with first-hand experience on what to expect.


I am from the region myself but havent been there before, so i am excited to be going home.


Thank you walaalayaal.


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Hey Shumey


Best of luck with your new post walaal.


About your queries I have no advice to offer for I have never been to Puntland but hope to do so one day Insha A.


Cost of living will be cheaper than the West. Transport based on my experience from other regions in Somalia, I would advice you to rent a car depending on the lenght of your stay.


By the way, in what field will you be specialising?

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Shumey Good luck.


No you do not need a visa, nor will you need your boots, leave your high heels as well. Flat comfortable shoes/ trainers will be fabulous. The weather will be nice, bit cold (specially during the night (need light jumper during the day)


Slow internet, but phone connection is good and you should be able to sue your Somali SMI card for your mobile. Food and everything is very very cheap :D


Depending on how of you there are you can rent a house.


Flights ( heard plans land on the beach?? not sure if that is still the case) you can via Hargisa and check out some of the country on the way home. Oh and as for saftey, currently safe and stable but uncertainty in a lawless country is always a cause of concern.


It would be nice if you knew someone there, so look around for contacts. Somali people are generally very helpful in any case.


Good luck smile.gif and let us know how it goes.



P.s. what will you be doing?

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Depends on what kind of work ,, if it is a UN or NGO work then they'll take care of your safety (at least they try) although the UN is exaggurate things and you wouldn't appreciate them,


If it is a normal work kinda business then Bosaso and Qardho are good. Make sure you move to Qardho during the summer so that you can go to Bosaso very early in the morning like most of the other people do. Axamdulillah is the best place to have breakfast (at least it was) when going to Bosaso.


Bosaso is a good place where you can get different kinds of food and nice hotels but you wouldn't like the infrustructure in the city center, crowded and very hot. Qardho is a quiet city and good when you're on holidays and want to take sometime to rest.


Never go to Garowe unless necessary. You will not like the food as they eat only meat and spagetti most of the time. Vegetables and fruits are in crisis in the town :D ,,, and it is windy like the Sahara in Saudi Arabia.


Well, i'll come back for more ,,,,,, good luck and enjoy working there.

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Dear Nehanda, Ghanima, J.a.c.a.y.l.b.a.r.o,


Thanks alot for your advice and encouraging words!! I appreciate it highly!


I will be working with an NGO in Puntland for 6-12 months. I will be assisting several women's organisations there with developing methodologies, organizational development, capacity building and program/project cycle- from planning to evaluation.


I am a Development/Humanitarian worker with a specialisation on Gender, Development and Governance.


I have never been to Somalia but the task in Puntland is really one i look forward to, hope to embrace fully and take to full completion.


J.a.c.a.y.l.b.a., no, I have to take care of my own safety and accomodation.


Is it possible for one to rent a fully furnished flat or house in Bosaso or Qhardo at all? I just need one room flat. Does anybody know who i contact about this there? I wouldnt want to stay in a hotel for all those months.



Thank you so much!!


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