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An Invitation To Somaliaonline Party.

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p.s. what's with this me and nafta?.. naftaas yaa waaye..

allaaaa....hoyoooy sonkoreeyyy....ANIGA baa i inkireysa hadda....awalba baadan ooqonin sida loohadlo, maxaaba isku waala.


Il Capo, i demand you change the script!!!

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Qac Qaac   

Nafta looooool, il capo kale maa igu noqotay, geedgaan isha gaaban raaxada uu i qaaday, kadibna wuxuu ku leeyahay no offense.. shiblee noqonee markaa.


Nafta inkiraad ma jirto, hadda kabacdi sheekada hoos hooseey nooga dhig nooh, maxaa marax nimadaan saan ma kugu ogeene.

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Looooooooooool Ilcapo and Bashi



however Ilcapo i was Kind of hoping for a nice succesful hunt instead you gave me an old Aghan.He is already dead man.First the Russians took all the "labeen" then the Taliban took the Meat and the Americans blew his bones up with their cruise missiles in Torabora.You can imagine my suprise when i went there ready to tear him to pieces only to find ashes and burnt up bunkers.Next time you'll have to prove to me there is a live prey before i go!.

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I went to Domino players' room just like I promised to my Pal Qac to see how things were there.


As I take my seat alongside the guys, one dude comes up to me and yells..


"Hey IL CAPO, how are you Mzee?" and after that he puts his hand on my shoulder, not knowing what to make of the situation, I remove his hand from my shoulder and say to him..

"Yeah, I am alright, who are you?" I ask.

"I am Jumatatu" he replies.

"I am Jumapili" I say.

"Then why is your name IL CAPO"he asks.

"Are you Monday?" I ask.

"No,I am Jumatatu" he replies. :rolleyes:


Seeing that me and this guy will never understand each other, I tell him,


"Nice to meet you" and then I try to move away from his spotlight but he follows me and asks..


"Do you have a lighter"


feeling bit irritated I reply

"No, and I don't smoke"

"but, you are Sijui and most Sijuis smoke not only Sportsman cigarette but Ganja too so I thought maybe you smoked and chewed too"he says.


"Look mate, I know I said I chew but I never said I smoke and if you believe everything you read then I am sorry to inform you that reading isn't for you, besides what do you know about Sijui people, just because you were in Utange doesn't mean you know all of us,it is not right for me to say i know all the Somalis from Somalia are like you who is filled with deep hatred towards the other Somalis" just before i finish it HornAfrique steps on the scene and says to me..


"Hey IL CAPO, don't waste your time with this guy because if i were him i would be proud of what and who i am which is Somali, so what is with this Tanzanian flag that you keep on carrying around mate" he asks.


"i don't hate somalis but i love Tanzania even more and sometimes i wish i was born there" replies Monday.


"You seem like a decent chap and i think you should act like one" i tell him.


"you are right IL CAPO, now enough with that do you feel like going to the bathroom and light a joint" he asks.


"What joint" i ask feeling confused.


"This guy completely lost it IL CAPO" says HornAfrique.


"You know, i am sure you two will feel a whole lot better" he suggests.


"listen Mr Monday,Sunday or whatever you call yourself, i have to go, it was nice talking to you" i say.


"What do you think about Somalia and Somali politics? he asks me.


"Monday, don't you have anything else to talk about? I mean you always criticise and say negative things about Somalia, you should be patriotic mate and start waving Somali flag rather than TZ flag, i was born and raised in Kenya but you will never ever see me praising Kenya and at the same time putting down my own Somalia because God knows howmuch I LOVE somalia and my somali people." i say.


"You know, IL CAPO, you are only wasting your time if you try to educate this poor and sad soul" says HornAfrique.


"We shouldn't give up on him because he needs our help and i think we should do anything we can for him, don't you think so?" i ask HornAfrique.


"I understand IL CAPO, but i am afraid you are only wasting your time with him" replies HornAfrique.


"Ok, guys it was nice talking to you, i have to go and say Salam to others, by the way Mr Monday, Stay Somali" i left.


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I make my way out of the card players' room as the noise was too much for me and as I turn left I see a young lady standing at the corner holding a glass of juice without ever taking a sip and I wonder and ask my self what could have happened to her that could possibly make her think about and perhaps even fantasise about a place that seemed a millions of miles away from here.


i think about going over and introducing myself then i decide against it as it didn't seem the right moment for me to invade and disturb her quite and private moments so i have decided to wait for the right moment to arrive but still that didn't prevent me from sneaking up onto her and get as close as i could really get.


As I stand only a few feet away from her and wait for the right moment to introduce myself, suddenly some one pushes me from behind towards her direction and says..


"Oh, that is my friend Sue, come on, I will introduce you to her" I turn to see who this person with the familiar voice is and guess what? it is OG_Girl.


"IL CAPO, this is Sue, don't worry she is a whole lot nicer and sweeter than meets the eye and believe me when I tell you, she is one of the most misunderstood characters in the entire SOL" says OG-Girl.


"Hi, Sue, how are you doing" I say to her with a smile.


"Hi, IL CAPO, I am doing great and don't listen to this Girl as she talks too much" she says smiling back.


"I don't talk too much but I can't keep a secret so I am sorry if I gave away your secret" jokes OG_Girl.


"So, Sue, how far did you go" I ask.


"I beg your pardon" says Sue.


"I mean, I was watching you and you seemed miles away from here so I was wondering, how far could she go and if your thoughts would take you all the way to Garissa"I say.


She laughs and says "Oh, I thought you were talking about something else, i am sorry, well, I was thinking about school and stuff,nothing else really" she said.


"For once I thought, they asked you to solve the problem in the whole world including the one in Somalia and Iraq, because only that could perhaps make some one think really hard" I say.


"No No, thank heavens for that," she says laughing again.


"Then stop torturing your mind and remember nothing is too important to make you worry that much because what is life but series of opportunities disguised as difficulties" I say.


"Yeah, I guess you are right"she says.


"Now, stop exaggerating and tell us what do you think of Sue now and what you thought of her then" asks OG_Girl.


"Personally speaking, I never thought of her in any particular way as I never had a chance to interact with her and perhaps got to know her, i am sure if you asked her what she thought of me then she might have given you an answer which is far different than the one she will give you now after I leave, after all I know you girls gossip too much" I say with a broad smile.



"No, No, don't worry we wont say a bad thing about you" promises Sue.


"And by the way don't believe everything OG_Girl tells you about me because she hates me with passion, see this black eye (pointing to his left eye) what do you think happened to it? It is her who punched me and yet she has the nerve to say that she will tell my Dad how bad I have been to her so that he would beat me up in front of her, can you believe her?" I say.


"Don't worry, I will talk her out if it, I give you my word on that" says Sue.


"Can I trust you Sue" I ask.


"No problem IL CAPO" she replies.


"Ok then, by the way, I tell you a secret, when I first heard your name was sue, I was scared to even talk to you because I thought you would sue me just as your name suggested and knowing how broke I am, I couldn't even handle the thought of going to jail and I know this hasid girl (pointing at OG_Girl) wouldn't even come and visit me let alone pay my bail money"I say feeling embarrassed :confused: .


"KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" Sue and OG_Girl laughing their brains out.


"No, No,you are alright IL CAPO, you have never done anything wrong to deserve a law suit" jokes Sue.


"But I wouldn't mind seeing you getting whipped by Adeero, because I enjoy seeing you cry in front of everybody like a baby not feeling shame" says OG_Girl.


"War Kir" i reply feeling bit angry.


"Ok, now get lost, leave us alone as we have so much to talk about" says OG_Girl.


"No, No, nyaa, let him stay" pleads Sue feeling bit embarrassed by OG_Girl's harsh treatment on yours truly ;) .


"No, let him go and play with the other kids and remember if they hit you, hit them back hard, Ok?" says OG_Girl firmly.


"Ok, Sue, it was nice to meet you and i hope from now on we will be friends" i say.


"No, Problem IL CAPO, nice to meet you too and take care" she says.


P.S before i even leave the room, the begin to gossip and Sue, (yes, who gave me her words) joins in and i leave them making funny faces and few gestures. :(:(:( .


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Il Capo; good thinkin of two years from now when u come back to this site, to this thread and read ur postings... U should really b needing to light a lot of ganjas then ...But that's not to say that I did not enjoy them all...simply hopin that u won't let it out of control by addin and addin and addin to it, as i am sensin it...

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smile.gifsmile.gif keep'em coming IL CAPO..and hope you're writing this down cuz, we gonna make it into a MOVIES sxb..



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OG Moti   

Al Capo, i will compile the stories and make a book and turn it to comics and maybe one day it will turn to hollywood movie .. starring my me and juxa ;)



Allah kariim


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OG-Moti, I know pppl who know some ppl who related to some ppl who may help us in making this movie so..let mek now when once you put it into a book..



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Moti, I knew u were atoore, samee yaakhey filimka, waa hit wallaahi, bahal laga yaabuu noqonaa, laadariinta yaa noqon doono talaw, qalbiga qof baa igu jiro ku fiican laadar atooraha ersanayo iyo atarishadda smile.gif

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laadarka waxaa noqonaayo...Q'Q laadaradana isku fiican yihiin labadaas ma is


wareer badanaa!!!!!

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