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Best Options for Some People

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I think following people should just stick to doing these things, since they are best at these things.


White people: should just hang around with animals since they love them so much. They love them as pets or as well as a love partners. I will make these pple be in charge of all animals since they love taking care of animals but kill humans like flies.


Asians: Just do the math. But plz, when u bring your lunch to the office, eat it outside. that shyte stings!


Somalilanders: just chew that jaat and stfu.


Puntlanders: Bottom is up! cheers. Do u know that there is free alcohol in heaven? so why pay for it now?? :(


Reer south: ulpos! meaning... u lying piece of.. u can figure out the last word.


Daqan celis: wtf u gonna do when gps runs out of battery? These ones cant function when their gps malifunctions. No wonder these mofos are brain washed easily.


And finally haa! xalimos:LOL. cpa...cell phone addicts. I am sure that u will hear one of these days, that a xalimo has exchanged her baby kid for a cell phone.


I am also sure, that many xalimos will bypass the heaven gates on their way to heaven due to cell phone talking distractions! lord have mercy!

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one time you talk about Asians, and then all of a sudden you talk about Somalis by clasifying them what part of the country they come

So, are you ok walaalo, or you forgot to take your Xanax?!

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Hey Rudy,


I am not stalker, and not stalking you what so ever

since when us Haliimos stalk,


anyways if you wanna know what city I live

that is hawd city...

can't think of where it may be

check out on the map at your nearest library.


tata for now

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