Somaliland - Dan guud, Talo Wadareed,  Iyo Tol Aan Kala Maarmin.

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11 hours ago, maakhiri1 said:

Xiiniinyo iyo Xiniinyo Dabadood is a just a talk, SL is a 3 habro project, if two of the habro gang up against the other, the other is finnished.Xabadda hadhey baday ka cabbi.This what F Waraabe also said.


As can be seen here, again fear of others is great but for how long. This Jenaanta stuff is a death sentence for this project unless Biihi admin address quickly.



Saaxiib, many people genuinely have no idea of how "deeply" committed most average Somalilanders are to the very idea of Somaliland. You see, your average politicians in Hargeisa, my bite each other uncles (like a mad dog on a hot day). They may even question each other's parent's marriage certificates (with a clear implication being that some will accuse others of being a "little bastards"). They may even jostle and crowd each other's elbow spaces, just so that they could score "political goals" against one other.


And to be precise in here, this endless political fisticuffs between politicians, which is what is happening between Mr Cirro and Mr Muse Biixi, currently, is in one piece of a long tradition of politicians going at each other's throat, which was an exercise started by Mr Ahmed Keyse (a legendary politician from Somaliland, back in the old days) on one hand, and Mr M. I. Egal on the other hand, right off the pat at the eve of independence time of 1960.


But in the final analysis, this "Jeegaan Coalition" is "temporary phenomenon". And come the next slate of parliamentary election, things will diametrically change, particularly now that Sool Folks are fully on board on Somaliland's train, at least in district wise and in-terms of "electoral seats" at the parliament's voting power.


Which means, you will see another "scramble" of the "political kaleidoscope" within Somaliland. For example, the West Burco folks, Borama Folks, and Las-Canod folks, could gets their political acts together for the upcoming parliamentary election of next year (2019), and proceed to form another "tribal coalitions" of their own. Lets call them for the sake of argument, the "Jees-balaadh Coalition".


And this could well mean, that, those who are alleged to be in the "Jeegaan's Coalition" currently, may see in their individual interests to disband their little coalition, and then re-group or coalesce into around another sets of tribal coalition or form yet any other coalition with some other tribal groups, which in turn means and endless permutations of "tribal coalition-building" across the clan-lines.


Hence, don't lose the Forrest for the trees (as it were) in here, my friend. Which means, folks in Somaliland, have "internalized" their political calculation, which is all premised on the assumption on the existence (of the continues kind) of Somaliland.


And therefore, even if groups, like Baligubadle folks, or Salaxley folks, or even West Burco's folks, sees that they are currently "locked-out" from the jostling-seat of power, at least within "Beeshe-Dhexe's distribution of power within its constituencies", it doesn't in their mind means that it's time to "throw the towel" on Somaliland.


But it means, it's time to "upgrade" one's political game (as it were), particularly on clannish coalition building and electoral re-alignment exercise. So, I really don't see the "alarmist prognosis" in which you are making in here about Somaliland, my friend.      

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What is these obsession with the **** and  ****? why bring into maryooley fadhikudirir? 


By the way how do you  reconcile insults with your love of everything British? most British people you quota and admire are either open ****** or documented practicing openly? 


unlike everyone here I see no value or insight you can add hance the reason I used you as example. 

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5 hours ago, Miyir said:



What is these obsession with the Sodomy and your  man Tits? why bring into maryooley fadhikudirir? suffered some kind of abuse growing up? man I hope you receive whatever help or thereby you need.


By the way how do you  reconcile the homophobic insults with your love of everything British and being proud subject of the empire? most British people you quota and admire are either open homosexual or documented practicing openly? 


unlike everyone here I see no value or insight you can add hance the reason I used you as example. 



Wiiloow, I really don't know what on earth you are waffling on here. Nor do I have the faintest idea of what possessed you to talk about "sodomy" and such abomination in a Somali blog (of all places ).


So, if by any chance, "Miyir" is something you currently could a make a "Legitimate" claim on it, in the sense of actually "owning" it, then, perhaps it's actually passed the appointed hour in which you should by now ought to have demonstrated to the rest of us such a claim on your part.


And on that basis you should tell us what is this business about "sodomy" and whatnot, have in connection with what we are discussing in here.


Is that something your claim of "possession" of "Miyir" can handle it? Or shall we assume that it's the "opposite" of "Miyir" we should put you down in having a possession of it the minute we see you tossing about all sort of tiresome drivel in to this Somali discussion blog. We shall await your answers with a baited breadth on our part, lets hope you shan't let us down in here.   

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