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Dirty jokes about old people!!

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1.A 90 yr old man and a 90 yr old woman get married and go on their honeymoon.While in their hotel room,the husband comes out of the bathroom to find his new wife butt naked,on the bed standing on her head with her legs spread.The old man asks "what the hell are you doing?" The wife replies,"well I figured you probably couldn't get it up anymore,so I figured you could just drop it in."


2.An old man walks into a whorehouse and asks for a hooker who has VD.None of them have VD,though(surprisingly),so one girl says"well,i'll just tell him i have it,it doesn't matter".So after they finish their business,she tells the old man"by the way,i don't really have VD".The old man looks over at her and says,"You do now!"


3.An 88 yr old man walks into a whorehouse and asks for a girl.The women all look at him and one of them says"you want a girl?Listen old man,you've had it!"The old guy looks at her for a second and says "I have?Well how much do I owe you?"

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