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Cali KH. Galaydh can not save Muuse Biixi

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From 2011 to 2017, Galaydh could not achieve to build anything meaningful. 


This could only be summarized as the demise of the professors.


This is the  Laascaanood treatment of Muuse Biixi two days ago.



Here is Waddani a day later:




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Galayr and Samatar were not run out of the South (though  there is a real need for political change in Somalia). The two professors are just bad politicians. They should have stuck to what they know.

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Galaydh is not very popular in SSC. His endorsement of Siilaanyo's team doesn't have much significance. But the irony is not lost on me.  I do understand the deep symbolism of a famous fighter defeated with a tiny arrow.

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Habar fadhida legdin wax ula fudud. Anyone can easily say from the sidelines 'what if this or that..."... but once you put yourslef in the same situation, then the view changes differently.


With regards to Prof. Cali Khaliif, he came to the conclusion that the odds stack against him or anyone else. And continuous the status-qua was not an option. And considering those regions are falling way behind the rest, no leader worth his salt want to gamble the future of his people for a project that will end in failure. 



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      Jubaland; Although being a relatively new state in terms of Somalia's independence seems as if its in search of pure and utter autonomy.
      But the question is why? Can Somalia ever surrender its southern coast and second largest port to Kenya?
      Though let's be honest, in terms of independence, Jubaland's urge and determination in search of self-governance and pure sovereignty can only mean WAR and DISASTER up North. This would mean Somaliland would need to fight even harder for recognition. Not only will the air up north be rigged in deep pessimism, but Jubaland's stance for independence will ruin the dream, that of course....never was-
    • By galbeedi
      The chairman said , " all 1600 polling stations had submitted their results and have been counted".
      Dhamaan waa la soo wada tiriyey oo degmooyinkii ay ka baxeen ayey ku soo noqdeen".
      They have to go through the second stage of counting at the district level if thee is dispute.
      By Monday night everyone including the public could have got the results. 
      Here is how this election could have been finished or early results released Friday.
      Here are the rules stated by the commission itself:
      Here are the rules of  the election commission which was stated before the  election.
       Here is what the chairman said:
      First , " Marka lixda maqribnibaha codbixinta  sidaa loo xidho ,goob walba oo cod laga bixiyey waxa jooga oo qol lagu soo xidhaya afar qof oo komishinka ka tirsan oo tirinaya iyo muraaqibiinta saddexda xisbi  qaran u jooga goobaha, marka ay tirinta dhameeyaan , waxa ay ku dhawaaqi doonaan natiijada hordhaca ah ee goob kasta, komishinkuna waxa ay ku dhwaaqi doonaan natiijada hordhaca ah"
      "As soon as the polls close at 6pm , the four members of the election commission and the three reps (Muraaqibiin) of the parties will be closed in a room and they will start counting.  After they finished counting,  everyone including the party reps will be given the results of every polling station and the preliminary results of every station will be announced".
      My friends that was the rule. The early elections , especially those held by Daahir Rayaale administration, there were no voter lists or even bio-metric cards. People counted what ever they found in the boxes and no counting had taken place in the rural or village level. All boxes were brought to the district level, and usually it took five to six days.
      This election was different. Just like in most western nations the system was designed to release the early results  at that same night. Since each of those 1600 hundred polling stations had the same staff and rules of counting, all results could have been known Monday night.
      Do not be fooled  by the commission statements that " since Hargeisa is huge place it will take longer to count". Of course it will take more time after you bring all boxes from over three hundred polling stations, but at polling level you have exact same staff. If Awdal had over hundred  polling stations,  HArgeisa had double. That means every station has the ability to count and send it's results Monday night. The so called 200,000 hargeisa voters are spread out to hundred of polling station.
      The problem is as soon as the early results came out the commission decided not to announce , but use delaying tactics and pretend nothing has been counted yet  " Hargeisa oo degmo weyn ah weli lama tirin" was an excuse used. He did tell that, but  it was already counted, but he should have said that all results are in , and what remains is double checking of the results.
      Saeed Cali Muuse is the protegee of Mr Adami , the defense minister who was  the election chairman in 2003. Mr. Muuse, the man who said nothing of concern had  happened , is one of those hungry diaspora members who is probably willing to cash in.
      Insiders are telling us that the day the East Burco and West Burco community reached agreements to cooperate and build brotherly and neighborly situation  in their regions, Kulmiye had panicked and started fraud mechanism to steal the election. Ahmed Siilaanyo won over 70% of Togdheer, yet now it seems  Waddani  is leading. Even Some Suldaans from West Hargeisa had threatened the East Burco guys demanding the it's their turn and they must give the " Hagbad" to Kulmiye. 
      There are huge forces that would not allow change of government. The cable company of ina Aw Said,  which is financed by Djibouti banks had spent millions to keep the monopoly. Reliable sources said that in Awdal alone he spent $450,000 dollars. His representatives in Awdal had bought thousands of cards. He paid and moved people from Djibouti and gave them those  cards he bought from Awdal. His reps were chased from Rays Hotel and other places openly buying cards from poor people. 
      Dubai World Ports and UAE would not accept any renegotiation or cancelling of their  military base. The war in Yemen is getting bad,  but  the UAE is concentrating to keep South Yemen and Aden in their hands. They even refused the relocation of President Maansour Hadi from Jeddah  to Aden.  
      I want to conclude that this election result could have been known just like in most places in the world, and if there was any disputes , recounting would have taken place. 
      Why take six days or even three days?. I think this commission has created a mess. 
      If they have announced the result Tuesday Morning everyone would have swallowed and moved on. If there is dispute, then do recounts. Yet, they tried to be in the news and make useless news conferences to be irrelevant. Rater than act quickly and and get out of the stage, they decided to make  the burden of proof bigger. Why even have spokes person. 
      You done your job, people had voted, then announce and disappear. Mr. Iman has created a mess and he does not know how to get out of this mess.
    • By galbeedi
      In the evening of November 15 most of the polling stations in Awdal had reports their preliminary election results. Other than the main city of Borama the average was between 10,000 to 13,000. Some places had less than 7,000 votes. Since every station had election officials and party reps the results were easy to to pass to the parties and district commissioners. Logic and basic math tell us that to count few thousand votes does not take half a day , so by the evening of November 15, almost all Awdal votes were in.
      Personally I did talk  a waddani activist here and he did call someone in Borama and they told him  excatly results by station and district. He was exited with the victory and said the margins are between 65-71%, . 
      Now read this report from local journalist describing what happen and how things changed after the boxes are brought to Borama. Within 24 hours , Muuse Biixi demanded recount of all boxes and the result that was indicating Waddani leading 30,000 became 15,000 ,and as we speak right now it is only 1650. 

      Borama(SBN)Mawjadaha waddaniyiinta Reer Awdal ayaa maalintii isniitii u dareeray si ay cududooda u muujiyaan iyagoo dhiibanaaya codka doorashada madaxtinimo ee dalka, Markii codadku soo xidhmeen cabaar 9 kii habeenimo xiliga geeska afrika waxaa soo kala cadaatay dhamaan codadka gobolka Awdal , kuwaasi oo dhamaantood gudoomiyayaasha goobaha ee xisbiga WADDANI soo gudbiyeen tirada codadka xisbigu ka helay goobahaasi , tirooyinka la soo gudbiyey marka la bar bar dhigo kuwa KULMIYE ka helay waxaa kala horeeyeen 60% waddani ku hogaminaayo halka 37% kulmiye ka haystay 3% ucid ah.
      Subaxnimadii bisha 14/11/2017 waxaa sii koradhay tirada codadka WADDANI kaga horeeyo KULMIYE gobolka Awdal , tirooyinkaasi oo aan ahayn kuwo malawaal ah ee ahaa kuwo ku fadhiya xogta dhabta ah ee laga helaayey wakiilada goobaha ee xisbiga , marka wadartooda laysku geeyo waxaa xisbiga WADDANI kaga horeeyey kulmiye codad ka badan 30,000.
      Habeen hore 15/011/2017 fiidkii waxaa suuqyada iyo baraha bulshada la soo dhigaayey in WADDANI ku horeeyo 13,000 oo cod kaliya iyadoo aanay jiri haba yaraatee sanaadiiq cusub oo ka timid degaanad la filaayey in xisbiga kulmiye looga codeeyo, Arintan cusub ayaa af kala qaad ku noqotay masuuliyiinta heer degmo iyo gobol ee xisbiga WADDANI , su’alo marka laga waydiiyo tiradii codadkii WADANI ku horeeyey maxaa ku dhacay? ,Jawaabtu waxay ahayd, Dib ayaa loo tiriyey waxaa khalad ahaa tirinta codadka goobaha lagu soo tiriyey ee hore oo waxaa kala batay markii hore iyo hada oo aan dib u tirinay tani dambe aya sax ah… Cajiiib!!!!! bal halkaasi u fiirso.
      Xalay saq dhexe ayaa waxaa mar kaliya la soo sheegay in Xisbiga Waddani kaga horeeyo kani kulmiye 1650 kaliya gobolka Awdal , waxaan mar kaliya la waayey 13000 ee la sheegayey saacado kahor, mar aan wax ka waydiinay masuuliyiinta degmada ee xisbiga , waxay waayeen kalmado kooban oo ay ku cabiraan sida xaal yahay iyo sida aanay waxba gacmahooda ugu jirin, sanaaduuqdii shalay aad wax ku ogayd oo maanta lagu sheegayo tiro kale, adiguba maxaad odhan lahayd?.
      Sheekadu waa kud ka guur oo qanjo u guur., Afhayeenka Komishanka doorashooyinaka somaliland Siciid Cali muuse oo saaka la hadlay warfidiyeenada magaalada haragaysa ayaa sheegay in gobolka Awdal tirintiisu gabo gabo ku dhawday laguse gudo jiro oo aany dhamaan. YAAAA ?, halka wararka ka soo baxaaya xisbiga KULMIYE sheegayaan in la soo gunaanaday oo laysku barbar dhacay.
      suaalaha wadaniyiinta reer Awdal iswaydiinayaa ayaa ah codadkii reer waddani ma daaddkii xaabale qaaday, goobo aan gabi ahaanba lagu ogayn xisbiga KULMIYE oo u b badhax la’aa xisbiga WADDANI ayey tirada hadu sheegaysa in lays cod legyahay, waar SALAADU HALKAY KA XIDHMI LA’DAHAY ,oo Xalay baa dib loo codeeyey markii la soo xereeyey.
      Isku soo wada duuboo sheekada Codadaka Gobolka Awdal waxay la mid yihiin kuwa gobolka hargaysa ee wararka soo baxayaa sheegayaan in lagu guray bugaag xisbiga KULMIYE soo daabacday oo bug ah , odaybaa laga hayaa , CADCEEDU HORTAYDA WAY IMAN.

      Subulaha news.