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Now Mogadishu's Government Is Blaming Somaliland for Its Failure.

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Ali hoshow magac dowlada ama magaca wasaarad Kuma hadlin ee shaqsi ahaan ayuu hadlay ee naga daaya munaafiq inaadan.

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Ninku sow xilkii wali ma Hahyn markii hadalkaa qorayey? Waa waxa aad siin iyo saad u kala Saari la'dihiin 27 sanadood!

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Cuqdadiina iyo cadaawadina meela kale la aada adiga iyo odaygan mirqaansan dad xanuunsan ayaa tihiin.

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Again, this latest answer of yours, actually shows how deep your "cultural barbarity" had actually sank in you and in your psyche.


In other words, if anyone who works for a government (even a third world government) makes such a "libelous accusation" of the most heinous kind towards another country's alleged conduct, the least that government (assuming its a responsible government) will do is to fire (or sack him) on the spot, no matter how much he may wish to "hide" behind the "freedom of speech" concept.


And the fact that his superior (in the form of Yusuf Garad - the Foreign Minister, whom he report to) didn't even see anything that could be wrong with this picture and this conduct of his "underlings" in his ministry actually shows (indeed it proves) my "contention" which says that the prolong "social barbarity" that did existed in Somalia in general (and in Mogadishu in particularly) actually have robbed most people in that place (and in Mogadishu, specifically) of any sense of understanding what governments do.


And it seems to have "robbed" from them any understanding of how they should comport themselves, and what obligation (i.e., legal, ethical, moral, professional) individual officers of the government must conform to. Or must be ensured by their superior, that they abide by those "civilized criteria" of what government's officers (and officials in large) should do, both in public and in private.


But since you are from that, "Mooryaan-infested-hell-hole", I do genuinely doubt whether you know the differences of "conduct" that on one hand, is resting on the shoulders of a "government officials", even in his private time. And in particularly what he can or can't say.


And on the other hand the "conduct" that directly follows from the "unconstrained right" in which individual civilians (and citizens) on the street has the right to do. And in particular the freedom of speech those private citizens are entitled to exercise to their heart's contents.


This is the difficulty I was alluding to earlier yesterday when I have mentioned to you the "social, political, and the legal" consequences that directly follows from the prolong anarchy and the "bespoken barbarity" that had long existed in that city of yours.


And in particular, how what is exceptionally "un-normal" in any other context or in the eyes of any one else in the world over, will be seen through your eyes (or through the eyes of Mogadishu's folks) as a nothing but a "normal daily rituals" of that place in which you hailed from.


And therefore, to you this sort of "sack-able conduct" (which would have been the reality in which this official would have been facing now at least in any other place in the world) is as normal to you as your nightly dinner of "muufo". Or at least, is as normal to you as your daily lunch of "Cambuulo". And there lies, I fear, the social barbarity of your kind, in which I was commenting on it in passing.

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^^Wakaa, Ina Mooryaan, markii runta loo sheegay, oo si fur-furan loogu dhig-dhigay jaahilnimadda dowladnimadda kahaysata iyo "gudcurka-dhaqan" ee uu faraha kula jiro, ayuu habaar iyo naxli lasoo hunqaacay.


Oo uu waliba, "yuhuud madow" ku sheegay dad Soomaliyeed, oo isaga iyo tolkiis, "maxas-cunista" isugu habar-wacday, kaga horeeya garashadda dhaqan Soomaaliyeed waxa uu yahay, oo waliba ka badiya, milgaha iyo maa-muuska, asalka ah, ee dabar-ummadeed, Soomaali u ahaan jirey.


Taasina, waxa ay ku tuseysaa, sida "dhaqan-bahaleedka", dadka qaarkiis, gaar ahaan, kuwa ka soo jeeda, Muqdishu, ay u yeesheen tan iyo intii ay "xaaraan-ku-naaxnimo", "dad-qalasho" iyo "bililiqo-bulsho", ay unoqotey waxa ay ku faanaan iyo ficilkooda "beeleed" ee ay sooyaalka Soomaliyeed kusoo kordhiyeen.


Markaa, saaxiib, layaab malihid, mar haddii kuwii kaa weynaa ee aad raad-raac iyo "dhaqan-barasho" darteed aad daba joogtey, oo aad u daba-socotey, ay ka kooban yihiin kan Somaliland kusoo hunqaacey ee soo caytamey iyo Yusuf Garaad, oo si kasta oo "madaxtinimo" loogu "cimaamado-ba" wali garan la, halka ay "dowladnimo" ka bilaabanto iyo halka ay "mooryaanimo" kudhamaato.

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There is right, and there is wrong. Whomever this Hoshow character is (with a name like that, is he even whom he claims to be?), he is bloody out of order. Why defend the indefencible, i know not.


A case of juveniles entrusted with diplomatic posts far beyond their years. To my shock & horror, I was recently shown a picture of a group of supposed ministers and diplomats of the federal gov't, and was stunned as to the imbalance between their inadequacy in age, qualifications, and experience, and the fancy appellations bestowed upon their visages. Where are the wise, qualified, seasoned grown-ups, I asked?


As a rational being, the most logical, if sensible thing to do, is to apologise, not on behalf of this person, but for the wrong, perceived or not, done unto others, esp. when such wrongs are done on your behalf.


Again, with so much death, blood & mayhem and with families mourning, with some still seeking their loved ones, now is not the time to be vilifying each other, and concocting imaginary escapegoats.



Waa qarracan, ayaan darro, iyo dhaqan xumo in qofka dad kuugu xiga cadaw laga dhigtaa, waana astaan aad u xun oo aad Somalida qaar ku arkaysid weliba kuwa madaxda sheegta oo marar badan ku geeraara sidaa.


Waa halka uu gabayaaga da'da yadhi uu ka yidhi:

Waa arrin qarracan iyo qoomama leh,

Waxaa i dhex qaaday ciil,

Qalbigu i xanuunyayoo,

Ilmaa iga qubatayoo,

Afkaan qabsadoon fajacay.

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This is contrived outrage!!!


What a man writes on his personal twitter account page is not reflection of the Somali Government's position.


"Views are my own"


The Government blamed Alshabab elements from very first day. Villa Somalia, Villa Hargeysa and the Foreign Ministry have all taken the same position.


The title and the content of the video is not only misleading; it is pure fabrication.


Here's the title of video


"Wasiir Yusuf Garad oo Qaraxii Somaliland ku Eedeeyay & Somaliland oo Jawaab kulul Siisay"


It seems to me the Sland official was more concerned about the map used by VOA.


The attack was indeed carried by Alshabab with help from Somali security members. they miscalculated the enormity of the devastation and the public backlash hence their silence.

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Let us be fair here.


Soomaalidu waxay tidhaahdaa war la helaa baa talo la helaa.


I think the headline by Odweyne is misleading at best or creating tension among the people at worst.


Here in the twitter sphere , there were two guys quarreling or counter attacking one another. The early tweet by Hussein Mussa from U.K is the main culprit who was trying to take advantage of the tragedy. If you openly tell the world and the British Ambassador that Hargeisa is safer than Mogadishu and advice him to relocate as Somalis while Somalis were Mourning for the death, then you invite people to respond and get angry. You should have provided the context of the tweeter and explain that an employee of the government were tweeting misleading information about the tragedy and indirectly implying that Somaliland has a hand.


I do believe Mr. Ali Hoshow made mistake by feuding and counter tweeting to the bloodthirsty criminal called Mr. Hussein Mussa, who tried to take advantage of the tragedy. As an employee of the state, he should be dealt with appropriate authority.


I spent over an hour to find the Yusuf Garaad clip or any statement in the google search , and I could not find one single statement about him, other than reports of Mr. Garaad being some of the people hurt in the bombing. It see


Also, the Somaliland media and the reports they created were false and misleading. Yusuf Garaad or the ministry of foreign affairs did not issue any thing accusing for Somaliland, and I Galbeedi would like to apologize for my hasty response of the misleading news provided by the media.


At the same time, Somaliland is very sensitive about this issue. For years, the southern media and bloggers were accusing Dahabshiil Hawala and other law abiding businesses of colluding with Al-shabaab. Other than individual persons , there were never any proof of government or businesses involved in this. Also, because of the scale of the tragedy, Somaliland and everyone else is shocked by this they do not want to be associated absolutely in any way or form.


Finally, let me try to defend myself of the accusations our friend Mr. PeaecAction has thrown to my side namely me " Accusing the fat man of Puntland" as being responsible of the crime.


My friend , do not be selective or quote me out of context. As some have stated, we do not want to accuse any Somali for being part of this heinous crime. Somalis are not capable of assembling or building an earth quake style " Ton Bombs" that levels six blocks of the city devastated. It is not " Improvised Explosive Device" that is timed with remote control or cell phone. Al-shabaab used this kind of bombs for years, but not this huge "tonnage" bomb.


When I said , " the fat man and his regional stooges to be the enemies of Somalia", , I did not mean to point the finger or accuse them to be capable of attacking the state, but they are useful idiots who are fueling the weakening of the state. If you are familiar with chaos theory, the players are too many and too different from one another. When Meles ZAnawi was assembling SRRC of late president C/laahi Yusuf, ShaatiGaduud, Gabyow, Ina Caydiid and others, he wasn't building our state but, he was dismantling the state. By weakening the state and strengthening the interest of others, they are integral part of the chaos theory. Attacks are indiscriminate bombings only happen in order to create fear and chaos, or to aggravate a delicate situation.


One day before the huge bomb, Shariif Hassan called more Amisom troops to be deployed. Amisom mandated suppose to be finished within a year, and the Baydhaba warlord is calling more. Lo. and behold, after this huge bomb, Shariif Hassan has stated his case. Since late 2014, most of the major attacks in Mogadishu were totally different than what Al-shabaab used to do . THese were both economic and political attacks that target the Somalis who were trying to revive the state both from the diaspora and home. Major Hotels, markets and parliament were attacked. Any astute political analyst should know that after the visit General Hulusi Akat , chief of Turkish army, Somalia has embarked a political shift in the Horn of Africa that will demand serious answer from her rivals and enemies. THis is a new realignment of the Somali military with a powerful NATO member army.


Amisom will not accept to be replaced by Turks. They never worried about the rebuilding of the Somali army which never materialized after 10 years, but when they saw the serious Turks who are more professional and well trained, they realized that $1200 dollar salary will be over soon. If I were the so called national intelligence, that is where I start my investigation.


THis kids acting like leaders should have known this . They should have acted accordingly. Despite the devastating loss that we have seen in Somalia as of yet, more dangers are to come. Other unexpected or different soft targeted will be next. The leaders themselves will be targeted to bring the message to home.




Last week I stated my wish to get rid of the federal regional states as they stand today, but that does not mean they have to be eliminated. We could still have the federal system and regional governments and economy. It is imperative that local governance, democracy and services to be delegated locally. What I object is larger than life presidents who consume large part of the budget with huge unsustainable bureaucracy and a parliament that convenes once a year. I will not accept governors masquerading as presidents jetting foreign capitals while their people without water. Ethiopia has a prime minister who rules six or seven presidents including the federal president, well, we Somalis need one single president and governors.


Conflicting reports state that the truck was assembled in either Hudur , close to the Ethiopian border, or Shabeelaha hoose, just a dozen kilometer from the capital. The failure of the leaders including the president is amazing. In 2011, when I visited Hargeisa and Borama, there were checkpoints in major government centres. At night we visited one of the ministers in the " Shacab" district and as we drove through the streets, polite soldiers stopped us , just looked the occupants and when they realized we were good, they said farewell. THe same thing happened when we traveled to Borama. EVery town and village between had a check point where everyone regardless of their status stopped and checked. We really felt secure by this security measures especially when rumors of Al-shabaab were strong.


Now how can a truck travel all the way through checkpoints without full inspection especially after similar ones were found to be laden with bombs.


Another issue I would like to point out is that the days of unpaid soldiers mining the gates were over long time ago. Innocent rural soldiers who patient and waited for authority is no longer there. The new urban Somali soldier with cell phones and sophistications, will not accept to guard a minister drowning $7,000 dollar salary while he is hardly getting $70. That is hundred times his wage. THe elite should know that they could no longer ride on the backs of unpaid soldiers. MOney is coming from left to right yet the right people are not getting them. I heard the president got $50 million from Saudis, which could cover the salaries of ten thousand soldiers for a full year.


. As Yoniz said , promote the young officers, and get rid of the old generals who could not even walk properly. You could start a new army from captain and down while mixing young Somalis from all over the country.


Finally, do not expect others to do your job. Few years back when we were organizing for HIll_Qaran, one of my baddies would say, " heel baan u diray oo keenaya, ama hebel baa Soo kiraynaaya". I used to tell him that, I do not want to rely a third party to do what to be done, are you going to do that job, or you want me to take care off it. I did not want, for the last minute that ' Hebel baan U sheegay, ama Ii balan Qaaday".

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Again, Saaxiib, you are indicating (or perhaps your are advertising inadvertently) the poor understanding you possess in-terms of how government actually works. Or should at least work, if such "finer prospect" was ever likely to be possible in a "terrorist-infested hell-hole" call Mogadishu.


In other words, in any government around the world, it's the case that any official of that government who makes "deliberate slander" (which is a legal term) of the kind this Mogadishu's government officials did make it against Somaliland would have been dismissed on the spot, regardless of whether he was speaking as his personal capacity, when he made his notorious "blood libel".


Moreover, just because you have decided to say, that, I am expressing a "personal opinion" in my twitter account, and therefore I am not at all speaking on behalf of my government, doesn't absolved the government in which you work for to their obligation to dismiss you (or discipline you, at least) if it's proven that you have committed a "libelous slander" against another government, while you are still remaining an official of your government.


This is "ethics 101 of government's conduct", that, I find if exceptionally hard to see how someone like you, who is living in Boston of USA (of all places) to have "missed" it, glaringly, by a mile.


Furthermore, you do know, I take it, that public officials have a "different criteria" to which they are "judge", when it comes to their right to a free expression than the average citizen in the street, particularly when the expression in question is that of deliberate "slander" of the kind, this "Mooryaan" (who seems to passing himself off as a staff at the ministry of foreign affairs) have done it, quite deliberately against Somaliland.


But, it seems, as I recall now, that, you do used to have a "soft-spot" for these marauding terrorist and murderous clique call Al-Shabaab, at least few years ago.


So, it could be the case, that, their sheer hatred of a conduct of a properly constituted government, in which they used exhibit and do so to this day, may have rub it off onto you. And therefore, this in turn, may account for your "ill-informed" ideas about what a government officials is allowed to say or not say.


Hence, that could be reason why you in turn are failing to grasp the "finer point" of what government's officials can get away with it when it comes to whether he can inflict a "libelous slander", on another state, and still remain in his post.


And if that is the case, then far be it for you to defend the silly argument from this Mooryaan in Mogadishu, one could say that, you really owe to yourself to actually "acclimatized" yourself to the limits that are "imposed" to public officials in their right to a free expression, particularly when such free expression could be said to be involves in "libel and slander" against another government.

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I am not done here yet. Folks be patient for more Galbeedi drivel.


UAE is the enemy here. These people with Saudis have spent $40 Billion with " B" to over throw Mursi, and $3 billion for the Turkish coup. In Yemen, the are reviving and creating a new state called South Yemen with Aden as the capital and port.


Remember these people do not produce or manufacture any thing, they are just a free port , and any nation with free enterprise could do that. If Mogadishu, Cairo, and ADen are booming , why would anyone go an expensive hot island with evil residents. No one.


We should investigate their movements for the last few months, and the government should take over their base in Somalia immediately.


Finally, is there any update from the government about the truck and the investigation?.


Walee reer aan ogahay ma guuro.

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I have a feeling the investigation will be "buried" in deep vaults that no one will actually know what exactly happened. You see, this dearth-carrying lorry had to go through many government-controlled check-points before it had arrived its final deadly destination.


And that in turn will mean, the responsibility of why this truck could easily go through these check-points will inevitably implicate officials of the government (particularly in the security service) and various "big-shot" Businessmen in Mogadishu, who may have pretended that this truck was carrying their "goods" to the market, which is a sick joke, considering the "alleged goods" it had finally delivered to a market place full of innocent people.


And therefore, it could be alleged, that, the exposure of these big-shots in turn, could create another layer of clannish troubles for this weak government.


Hence, it wouldn't surprise me, if I were to see a few foot-soldiers being accused of taking bribe-money and allowing the truck to go through these check-points while they look the other way.


While, on the other hand, those who actually may have "facilitated" the tragic outcome of this dearth-carrying-truck will never be "identified" in public, lest they bring more "clannish troubles" to this doddering government in Mogadishu. This is my educated hunch in here, but we shall see.

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