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Fadeexad: East Burco community exposed claiming Dervish Warrior Taminlaaye

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Yeah you're right. My Somali was poor before.


Crash course? I simply spent time in NFD. I learnt from the people.


Spending time in NFD made you quote sayidka and taught you Somali? Yaan been la isku sheegin sxb! Have you ever seen NFD person talking about gabay in your whole life? Ilaahayba uguma talo galin dadkaas gabay iyo waxaad ka sheekeyneyso :-D

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Maanta kaliya:


Timajaraha aan galabta aaday: Qabiil ka hadal ka socotay


Banooni fiidkii ka sii aaday: Qabiil ka hadal maqlaaye


Biibito maqaayad ah soo marnay banooniga ka dib: Qabiil ka hadal lagu haaye (tii u weyneyd waliba)


Inta soo galay caawa: Qabiil ka hadal, midii ugu darneyd.


Eebboow, Soomaali iyo qabyaalad godkee isla gali doonaan iyagoo ku ashahaadanaayo.

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