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Backlash after LGBT advocator is invited to Hargeisa

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Desperate Silanyo is seeking support from the Rainbow nation Lol..





August 7, 2015

Gabadh Caddaan Ah Oo U Olalaysa Liwaadka Oo Timi Magaalada

Hargeysa Iyo Cambaarayn Loo Jeediyey


Hargeysa (OWN)- Maamulaha Dugsiga Qoys-kaab Marwo Nada Yuusuf Cumar

ayaa cambaarayn culus dusha uga tuurtay gabadh la sheegay inay u olalayso

Is-guursiga dadka isku jinsiga ah.


Gabadhan faafinaysa ficillladii lagu rogay qawmu-luud ayay wararku sheegayaan

in magaaladan Hargeysa ay ku timi marti-qaad ay ka heshay hawl-wadeennada

bandhigga caalamiga ah ee Hargeisa International Book Fair (HIBF).




In white dress


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Africans are understanding conditions have been placed on their life saving aid. The hopeless and helpless and useless Africans are becoming wiser but even monkeys and cats and dogs would have figured this out on their own a long time ago.


Gay rights = human rights.


Get with the times. Human rights will be forced down your throats. Not even the barn animals are safe in Africa. There is no safety for goats and cats and dogs and camels. I've seen animal abuse on a daily basis. I've seen Madhibaan abuse.


I've see all sorts of abuse. These people love to abuse everyone and everything.

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