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Xaaji Xunjuf

Xassan Sheikh Defeats Cabdi Cawar

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Xaaji, you never disappoint as separatist , Qoslaaye and gang over played their hand, the recent sabotage of the road map with the help from UK elements through the UN backfired badly and exposed their weakness to the IC and enhanced GAS authority.


one thing i will agree Qoslaaye and gang will do anything i meant anything to keep the power, be a religion or tribal warfare, people like GAS don't have the luxury of the separatist kind to let these dangerous elements hijacking the Somalia Future, being engaged and dealing with them is unwanted but necessary to the survival of Somalia as a nation and people. how will you know? all you want is to keep that desert corner where people are dying a thirst and hunger as we speak now after 26 years independence.


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