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The big secret/fact you did not know-Wealth&Inequality

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Is the USA still the land of dreams as it were in the 1950-1970 or is it a nation crumbling within becouse of the debt and inequality, I would say that the truth is within the middle. Even if the USA is heading towards another meltdown that will seriously damage the social fabric of the society, it is still the nation where a half black/white man, with roots from Kenya and Indonesia and with a muslim name could get elected and have a nice nap in the White-House. Same story does not easily happen in other parts of the world.


But one thing is un-deniable: The middle-class (mostly white) is today vanishing in the USA. What happens next is big qustion but one thing is for sure, the whites in America have seen how vulnerable they are. Enjoy the below linked documentary.



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