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HAG Diriye leader threatens reer Marka people and uses banadiris as an example

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This statement is based upon hateews and a call upon Somalis to engage in vicious tribal wars that we have seen before. It's shameful to see a elderly man, a man who claims to represent a clan to make these hateful statements. All Somali community organisations in the diaspora and within Somalia should stand up to this and condemn this utterly hateful incitement to clan wars. I do not want to believe that Diriye represents any community based upon his hateful comments, it's time that his community comes out in in full force and exposes him! The FGS has given his people a homeland in his ancestral land. Why is he threatening the ehoobley-people as if the 20 years of occupation and illegal beero-xoog justifies his vendetta. The FGS should arrest these nabad-diid people. Many peoople are not aware of that heavy fighting is occurring in Qoryoolay and the surrounding areas. The water-carrier clan who fought against the Italians are finally fed up with these people.


The inhabitants of Marka and Baraawe are known, it's a shame that he uses one of the banadiri clans in Xamarwayne as a example of the horrific crimes he has inflicted upon them in order to scare the alliance between the water-carrier clans and other indigenous clans living in Marka.







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