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Che -Guevara

Something Wrong With This Picture

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Waar ilayn anagaa wax aragnay. Ninkaan raaxaysanya ee soofaha ku fadhiya miyaa ah nin la soo xidhay, mise waa sawir hore.


This guy doesn't look like a prisoner. he is relaxing in a sofa just like Qoslaaye. What is going on in this town. This guy just murdered soldiers who are defending the nation, and he is wearing some of the most comfortable clothes one can find.


If well to do people of Mogadishu are serving Al-shabaab for few hundred dollars , how about those who are poor and desperate.

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This government badly need someone with common sense to advice them how to present their case to the media and to the public at large.


See the picture of this captured Shabab insider responsible for the last two attacks against Villa Somalia - what is wrong with the pic!!!



What is this late madness of Mogadishu about the big Sofas and why nobody looks serious about the tragic events!!!




He seems to be bothered by the fact that they are wasting his time with useless questions. Its as if he has somewhere else to be, and that they are needlessly holding him back lol.Only those confessions are enough, I think they should publicly hang him. Dulli fowqal dulli, and what kind of person sends his brother in law on a suicide mission? The world about to end me thinks.

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