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The chief ( cabinet) was in town , aka Hirsi Gaab.

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Buuraha, I know you have your own deluded history. We believe we were the ones who forgave the crimes of SNK in Borama and many other places. In the so called alphabetical guerilla movements in Somalia , they were all based on tribal idea. either you are with them or against them. just to remain in your own land and defend is a crime against these movements. I do not recall any place where Awdal people went and killed any civilian or other innocent people, but we have plenty of evidence where innocent men were murdered. Some even in mosques in Magaalacad. You are reer bari, and you probably don't know much about the west. In the early nineties you were weak and anarchic; most of your regions in internal communal strife, but we did not watch and stand by when you were murdering one another. We were " gurmad nabadeed", tried to reconcile the brotherly community. The past is the past, and I do not intend to debate or put a blame at this juncture of the history, but I believe we forgave you more than you did. Forgiving one another is a virtue not a weakness, which produced today's peace.


Dahir Rayaale did four election. From municipal, presidential, parliament and the last one. all of them were fair and free and ended with success. Give the man at least some credit. I know you are looking for trouble and tribal " rag iska dhici" debate, which is useless in this kind of forum. In my book you are warlord, and I do not want to engage warlords.


Finally, let us stay away from what happen and concentrate for the







what I expect!! defence mechanism as usual..according to you silanyo is warlord,ina bixi is warlord and your lot did us favor.Even Siyaad Barre in his last interview claimed he was democratic & innocent..jajajajajajajja

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