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Farming Thrive under AS?

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It looks like patriotism and better efficiency, along with much less corruption, is a major advantage of the rebel group (also less rapes, theft etc).

Time for others like the TFG to learn from it (of course I'm not a Shababist)?



Somali farmers benefit from al-Shabab reforms



In Somalia's breadbasket, many welcome al-Shabab's move to expel foreign aid groups and build canals.


Bulo Mareer, Somalia - It is just after 8am and Sheikh Abu Abdullahi is busy inspecting what he refers to as his latest "anti-NGO" project: workers digging new canals in Bulo Mareer, a town in Somalia's Lower Shabelle province.


The diggers have been at work since 6am, as part of a province-wide canal-building project that was launched about two and a half years ago. Al-Shabab - the al-Qaeda-linked rebel group fighting against Somalia's internationally backed government - has so far spent about $2m on the project, along with others like it in south and central Somalia, according to the group.


Three months have passed since the last drop of rain hit Bulo Mareer, but thanks to the numerous canals and waterways, the town is lush and green.



[The NGOs] bought their food from abroad and never bought from us local farmers. They killed every incentive to farm.



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they will make one good deed and then follow it with a thousand terrible ones. what use is it ??


Western NGO's are involved in a pernicious, long term agenda to depopulate africa by teaching africans helplessness and dependance. this tactic has been successfully used against native americans, aborigines and many others. Even the chinese have ambitions of taking over africa physically and not just its resources. we are sitting ducks to be exploited by smarter and stronger races.

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