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Puntland Vice President Camey at the Front Seat of Jubbaland Ceremony

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You get more bees with honey than vinegar


:D. Burn, good to see you my old friend. :) . Abdiweli is busy with the cabinet search. Some of the key players from Farole's admin are expected to be back including your friend and fellow Australian Farah Ali Jama, but we shall see if the rumors are valid. :)




I will create "Puntland Oil" thread to share new information. I am hearing 2015 is the year for both Dharoor and Nugal basin. :) .


The VP made a good speech at the ceremony


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Hi Libaax,


Wow that interesting regarding the Aussie connection and plans for 2015... If 2 drills are not done by Oct 2015 then the Jv's forfeit the agreements ...when Nugaal is drilled it will be a discovery as ConocoPhillips previously hit oil but had to pack up in 1993


Still can't believe how gracious Prez Faroke was in defeat...really is a credit to him and PL


Look forward to the PL Oil thread ;)


ATB my friend

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They searched for oil in piratstan and they found water...the search is over. The company left are you gonna dig with your hands?


Once oil is found in Somaliland its the end of the game for your lot and Mugdisho. Somaliland will speed up industrialisation, Purchase new weaponry and inshallah we will turn Somalia into our little playground. Forget recognition.


Somaliland and Somalia belongs to the Landers (Duriyada)....every inch of it.

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