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Supporters of the newly elected President of Puntland take to streets to celebrate

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Supporters of the newly elected President of Puntland take to streets to celebrate

Somalia Online - Supporters of the newly elected President of Puntland, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas took to the streets of major cities of Puntland on Wednesday, following his victory against incumbent President Abdiraham Mohamed Faroole.Throngs of supporters poured into the streets right after it became apparent Abdiweli won the narrowly contested vote. There were victory celebrations in Bosaso, Qardo, Garowe, Buhodle and Galkaio as supporters waved flags and chanted slogans.Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas, who was appointed Somalia’s Prime Minister in 2011, became the first former Prime Minister to lead Puntland. "Puntland is leading the way on the development of a federal Somalia,” said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Representative Nicholas Kay after the election result.“The United Nations support the people of Puntland and all of Somalia as they move together towards peace, reconciliation, democracy and prosperity. I applaud the Speaker and Members of Parliament for their efforts leading to the smooth process of today’s vote. I also appreciate the important role of the traditional leaders. I congratulate all the people of Puntland," Said Nocholas Kay, reiterating the mature tradition of democratic process in Puntland. New Snippet

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