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Xaaji Xunjuf

Has Wikipedia accepted Somaliland as a reality from now on

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tutu;991952 wrote:
War meesha maxaa ka dhacay. Waryaa Xaaji, why do you always hide behind Somalia-Somaliland banter whenever one directs or comments on your opinions and personality? Get a grip and get out of the dark hole of tribal
you've confined yourself in! And seek help regarding your obsession with the imaginative existence of a new country in the Horn. I am sure there must be some kind of intervention for such illness.




Sadly such comments agitates them, but unfortunately is the only plausible way.




Weren't you claiming Kenya's own minister the other day? You hardly notice your own contradiction so ma'ahan? Weren't you not showering praise on NFD people in other posts? Or now that some of them question your delusion-created Island, they are suddenly bad people?


And for your Cigaal's assertion, wasn't he representing Somalia's policies as an employee for the then Somali government? Mise shekadaadu waa; any individual that belongs to your clan embodies 'Somaliland' irrespective of who or what unit he works for? In your logic let's say 'Somaliland' is in Jubba now trying to mediate South Sudan, as in your logic flow, the Kenyan minister is an ethnic 'lander' and represents 'Somaliland' just as Cigaal did in the 60's. Do you grasp your desperation, yaa Xaaji?


PS; Kenya hardly know of your existence.




Cigaal was representing the Somali republic at that time somaliland being part of the Somali republic representing Somaliland and Somalia so i dont see how one cannot claim him. It was the union Somalilanders created. Yes there there are ethnic S/landers in kenya but they do not represent SL they represent their countries. But Somalia and Somaliland is deeper they had a real union between them. Somaliland was never part of kenya so u cant make that link. Kenyans are not the smartest

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