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Future POGROM of Somaliland the moment it gets its recognition, a PLAN made by the Founders of SNM!

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Dalmar1;987259 wrote:
I wasn't expecting any less from the sons of the SNM........

who else would you expect to reply and hit you;) as sayid barre regirm SNM was major blow and destructive for them, keep on posting those conspiracy theories and you will always get hit,

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Xaaji Xunjuf;987355 wrote:
Burahadheer when the USC militia were closing into Mogadishu Barre called his trusted families and said where are the Generals the one i send to Siberia where are the Soviet trained Generals and Colonels , where are the baddest boys of my Tribe . And he was informed that
they were evacuating the woman and the children from Mogadishu
and that he is alone in villa Somalia with a small unit of red berets.

I wonder why? :D

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