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Faroole stole my ride

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A new political campaign tactic :D


Presidential Candidate Dr Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Condemns Acts of Aggression


4 November 2013


Former Prime Minister of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia and Puntland Presidential candidate, Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali 'Gaas' strongly condemns the acts of aggression perpetrated by the incumbent president, Abdirahman Farole.


On Friday Morning, a vehicle belonging to the Abdiweli for Puntland campaign was ambushed as it traveled through the Nugaal region of Puntland State on their way to Galkayo. The vehicle and its unarmed passengers were attacked by forces linked to the Presidential Office.


Of the men attacked, one passenger was shot in the thigh and another managed to escape with minor injuries. The driver was kidnapped and the vehicle driven away. Reports suggest that the vehicle and the driver are both being held in an undisclosed location in Garowe close to the presidential palace. The team included the former Police Commander for the Bari region, Abdihakim Yussuf Hussein who is currently managing the campaigns security efforts.


Dr. Abdiweli called this attack a scare tactic to create insecurity and hence derail the election process yet again.


"Today's attack is a continuing trend to stifle the political process and presidential candidates' ability to campaign freely within the Puntland State of Somalia. I urge my supporters to remain calm in the face of such act of provocation and promise to continue working with all candidates in these elections to securing fair and peaceful elections" Dr. Abdiweli said.


In discussing the upcoming elections, Dr Abdiweli stated,


"Puntland, as the first recognised state within the Federal Republic of Somalia should be a beacon and an example of stability and security. During these elections, I will continue to maintain dialogue with all candidates to ensure free and fair elections. I urge the support of all parties in upholding this"


"We call on our international partners to observe the election process from the selection of the Members of the Parliament, the Dispute Resolution Committee, and the efforts to hold credible elections among others" he added.


Puntland MP's will go to the polls on 8th January 2014 to elect the state's new President. These elections were delayed from 2013.

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I think faroole didn't give the orders to do this. i think some supporters took the matter into their own hands and are claiming the car bypassed Puntland tax system and was sneaked into the state from Somaliland. we don't need this and the government of puntland should never do things that would destabilize the state. I condemn this unlawful act and the government must speak out against it.

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Gaas broke the law by importing a pickup truck only authorised to be imported and used by security forces only thats why the truck was confiscated!

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