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FIFA World Cup 2010

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Lets break it down firstly and go through the most troubling parts run through the teams that are most likely to get to the quarter finals.


Table 1 (group A) is quite obvious in my opinion france is easily going to top the table but im not so sure about second place, Mexico arent the team they use to be; South Africa has got some stars from the EPL but their football is weak judging from the tournament theyve played in recently. And then you also Urugua which is a team that has talent and is unpredictable.

Mexico might be the best contestant for second place.


Same thing with Table 2 (group B), Argentina will most likely top (with some trouble) maybe from Korea republic; im quite skeptic about their performance. But ill edge it for them.


Round of 16

So: France vs South Korea

winner: France

And: Mexico vs Argentina (like in 2006)

Winner: Argentina


France vs Argentina

Winner: Argentina


In Group C, England will come out first in the Table with USA in second place :D

Algeria and Slovenia are all talk, honestly.


In Group D, Serbia [ Serbia has a strong defende, with Ivanovic, Vidic, they also have Stankovic and other strong players] and Germany will compete for first and one of them will be damned to the second spot who wil play against England.

Either case who ever faces the lions will inevitably lose. :D


Germany vs USA

Winner: Germany


England vs Serbia

Winner: England


Group E

Netherlands will smoothly become first, and the other 3 weaklings will constantly be biting their nails to squeeze into second place;


Group F Italy 1st and Paraguay 2nd but Paraguay stands a good chance at taking in coming first place. Italy are not nowhere near what they used to be.


Netherlands vs Italy

Winner: Netherlands


Paraguay vs Cameroon

Winner: Paraguay



In Group G Ill be routing for Ivory coast because i desise Brazil and the reality is that their not as good as what they used to be. Interesting to see North Korea there though, ill be keeping an eye out for.


In second place will be either Brazil or Portugal, and im going with Portugal.


In group H SPain in 1s place and Chile.



Ivory coast vs Chille

Winner Ivory coast


Brazil vs Spain

Winner: Spain

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^^^ loool.. wax waalan!...



Hales, war kubada baro!!! lol... Ghana is the best African team... And no way England will beat Serbia if serbia makes out of the group stage war ma waalantahay? look at the teams they have to face in their group to come out markaas baad England oo naafo ah horkeyneesaa.... I picked Ghana and Germeny out of that group or Ghana and serbia lool...


Spain does have a good chance to take it this year...lord I hate spain!!!!


waraa African teams got much better ee repect gareeya qashin yaal yahoo ceeshka ka dhargay!!!



Wareer Badanaa!!!

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Tuujiye justify and compare your reasons sxb.

Pick your defenders, midfielders and attackers from Serbia and compare it to Englands, and tell me why they are overall better.

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I think this World Cup, it's going to be an open fought world cup with a good few teams in the run, but i think it's going to be a susprise winner this year. Spain, England, Germany being the favourate teams to do well. Brazil will do well, but the age of the team, I think they will fall at the quaters, Argentina have a good squad but a suspect manager, same with France.


But Spain are probalies going to be favourites for this i reckon, if not, i think we will push hard

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^it is not Europe's turn to win but this tournament is being held in a new place.


2006 - Italy

2002 - Brazil

1998 - France

1994 - Brazil

1990 - West Germany

1986 - Argentina

1982 - Italy

1978 - Argentina

1974 - West Germany

1970 - Brazil

1966 - England

1962 - Brazil



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Australia's Squad for the World Cup.




Mark Schwarzer (Fulham FC)

Brad Jones (Middlesbrough)

Adam Federici (Reading FC)




Scott Chipperfield (FC Basle)

Lucas Neill (Galatasaray SK)

Craig Moore (Free Agent)

Luke Wilkshire (FC Dinamo Moscow)

David Carney (FC Twente)

Michael Beauchamp (Melbourne Heart)

Mark Milligan (JEF United) (Japan)

Rhys Williams (Middlesbrough)

Shane Lowry (Aston Villa)




Brett Emerton (Blackburn Rovers FC)

Mark Bresciano (US Palermo)

Jason Culina (Gold Coast United)

Vince Grella (Balckburn Rovers FC)

Tim Cahill (Everton FC)

Brett Holman (AZ Alkmaar)

Carl Valeri (Sassulo)

Nick Carle (Crystal Palace)

Mile Jedinak (Antalyaspor)

Richard Garcia (Hull City)

James Holland (AZ Alkmaar)

Dario Vidosic (1 FC Nurnberg)

Thomas Oar (FC Utrecht)




Harry Kewell (Galatasaray SK)

Josh Kennedy (Nagoya Grampus Eight)

Scott McDonald (Middlesbrough)

Nikita Rukavytsya (FC Twente)


It's a rather predictable squad from Verbeek, no real surprises there. Although I do hope he leaves a couple of the youngsters (Oar/Holland) in the squad for the experience and to potentially add a little bit of flair as impact players.


I imagine the starting line-up would look something like:



Milligan-----------Neill ©-----------Williams---------------Wilkshire






With Kennedy getting the job ahead of McDonald due his form at national level as well as his height creating a good foil for Cahill and Kewell. While the centre of defence will feature Neill, but he could be partnered with Moore rather than Williams.


C'mon Ozzies..

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In my last post i broke it down into the last of 16, lets see who will most likely make it past the finals and win the final.


Quarter Finals


France vs Argentina

Winner: Argentina


England vs Germany

Winner: England



Netherlands vs Paraguay

Winner: Netherlands


Ivory coast vs Spain

Winner: Spain



Semi Final

Argentina vs England

Winner: England :D


Spain vs Netherlands

Winner: Spain




England vs Spain

Winner Spain


Spain most likely champions of world cup 2010. :D


Atleast England stand a good chance of becoming finalists.

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Europeans have never won outside of Europe so it is not gonna be Europe's turn. I suspect it is going to be between Arge and Brazil.


If you want a twist to the tale say the surprise winner would be an African team

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Agrentina's final 23 squad finally looks a decent one with the inclusion of the industrious PASTORE in the midfield.

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Argentina looks crazy!!! I think Argentina will go far in this world cup and maybe win it....I can't hate on Maradona's selection anymore lool... yes it was CANADA but the teams looks very entertaining......


Argentina and ........... for the finals...



Wareer Badanaa!!!

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