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Sahal Article: Did the Hag Beasts Win Somalias Civil War..???

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Hag should read this: it was chosen as editors piece on taleex news. Written by Sahal (D block) fanatic




A Prominent Hag-Beast, President Hassan Culusow, thinks So and Warns to What He Calls the “Losers of the Civil War” to Either Toe the Line or Face the Same Fate Again!


Speaking on the July 1st independence celebrations, President Culusow said, “We killed each other. Some were defeated and forced to seek save sanctuaries in foreign countries. The same might happen again if they (D block) are not careful.” This is a clear reference to the large scale massacre against D block civilians in Mogadishu in 1991 in which the survivors of the massacre were forced to leave the city.


Before I delve deeper into the question of “winners and losers”, I would like to talk briefly about the genesis of Somalia’s Civil War. We can trace the origin of the collapse of the Somali State to the 1977 War between Ethiopia and Somalia. Initially, Somali forces had captured large areas of Ethiopia, but in the closing days of the war the tide had turned against Somalia and, in the end, we were forced to withdraw in humiliation. Among the most obvious reasons of why we lost the war is the Soviet Union’s decision to abandon us and support Ethiopia. Since Somalia did rely heavily on Soviet weaponry, the abandonment had clearly cost us the war.


The disillusionment which resulted from our defeat had prompted some officers in the Somali Armed Forces to attempt a coup d’état. However, the attempted coup had failed and the government had executed some ring leaders of the coup, while other officers fled and made it to Somalia’s arch enemy, Ethiopia. The first anti-government rebel movement known as SSDF then began under Abdillahi Yusuf’s leadership. Even though the SSDF and subsequent anti-government rebel movements had had the name Somali, they were all dominated by certain easily identifiable clans. To make a long story short, Barre’s government began to weaken as rampant corruption and mismanagement also took their toll. As the government confronted both external as well as internal subversion, its days became numbered.


It is true that as the years progressed, some movements got weaker while newer ones were getting stronger. In the case of SSDF, the first anti-government rebel group, an internal infighting had resulted in the imprisonment of Abdillaahi Yusuf which forced some of his core supporters to leave the movement. Some would have us believe that there was tribal kinship or alliance between Barre and Abdillahi Yusuf’s clan that resulted in some former SSDF members to come back to Somalia. However, these assertions are far from the truth.


What Happened After the Government Was Ousted?

As I mentioned above, a myriad of factors which started after we lost the War with Ethiopia had contributed to the government’s demise. However, the day after Barre’s government ceased to exist, an organized tribal mob had started killing civilians from the D block clan. At first, the massacre started in Mogadishu and the refugee camps in Hiiraan, but it later spread to all areas in Central and Southern Somalia. The perpetrators of the massacre were the Hag Beasts! and most of the victims were D block even though other unarmed communities such as the Baraawanis and Reer Hamars were also affected.

In fact, the genocide had had a Hag clan-wide consensus. I remember listening to Radio Mogadishu from Kenya in April 1991; it was the height of the massacre. I heard the voice of former President Adan Abdulle Osman- a man who is portrayed nowadays as a symbol of goodness and almost saintly by his supporters saying in Somali, “Siyaad Barre iyo dad xunkiisii.” It was clearly an incitement by the former president for his fellow Beasts to continue the massacre. On another occasion, I listened to the same radio one evening. It was shortly after the intra-Beast War started following Ali Mahdi’s selection as president by some factions in Djibouti. Present in that meeting were the most prominent religious leaders of the clan, from Sheikh Sulay to Sheikh Mohamed Moallin, and they were urging their fellow Beasts to stop the fighting. I remember them saying “why are you destroying the houses that you have liberated.” In this case, liberation is a euphemism for looting, and apparently they had no compunction of looting other Somalis’ properties. In fact, they were giving the looters their blessing and some sort of religious endorsement!


What Constitutes a Victory?

The war against the government was immediately changed into a war against the fallen president’s clan, and the reality is that some clans, most notably the Beasts and their allies, had had all along a hidden tribal agenda to commit the atrocities they had committed against the D block after the government is ousted. The Beasts in Mogadishu did launch attacks against D block inhabited areas and they had briefly occupied some areas. However, they did not have the power to establish a permanent presence anywhere. Only later in the decade (90s) when they started colluding with some D block clans to serve as proxies for them, did they establish some presence in Kismaayo (Ironically, they are trying to use the same strategy to overthrow the popularly elected Jubbaland administration).


What happened in Somalia after the Beasts’ atrocities against the D block was a complete disintegration of the Somali State into tribal fiefdoms where clans ended up in their respective native areas. The demographic changes that took place since the genocide have resulted in Mogadishu becoming a one clan city which is a major reason why the Beasts have come to dominate the presidency since the 1990s. This is why we need to have a change of capital in order to eliminate the Beasts’ illusions that they have won a war that has had clearly no winners.

Mohamed Ismail (Shuuqiye)

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