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The Khatumo Ambush at Brussels Conference

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Johnny B;977991 wrote:
Mogadishu is not seceding from the rest of Somalia through the barrel of the gun and one can safely assume the rapes, mimings and killings (commited by the militia of the dominating clan in northren Somalia) are not appreciated by the people of "Khaatumo". .

Waar yaan lagula yaabin ee iska aamus. Adeer go and try to convince the world that the Somaliland army rapes its fellow citizens while the barbarians in uniform in Mogadishu who are well documented to have made the rape of the women of that hellish city their favourite pastime are "national" heroes. Here is a thread about how the AMISOM soldiers are training your women to defend themselves against your immoral men.

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burahadeer;977974 wrote:
^^^ we want Somalia unity ,hahaa so they one buys that in light of how they talk about Mogadishu & present Somali leaders and in light of the fiasco in jubaland and the defacto status of puntland.It's neva ending nuisance checked only by reality.

How can u have unity with mugdisho when you were incapable of building unity for 40 years with burco??? It's a valid point?? I would encourage people from las canod to actually go to somaliland and see it instead of the qabil boogy man. The reality is South Somalia has nothing to offer anyone. Even their presedency is based on fairy tale. Ever heard of a president who depends on other nations armies to live in his own capital??? Ever heard of a president who is abroad more then actually at home??? Waaa khiyali. In reality Somalia is a UN AU trusteeship territory. Alshabab has made the governments existence even fake existence required. Because the west is scared of any Islamic influence in the region. Alshabab should not kill their own people. They should have taken the line of the Islamic courts union and won the hearts and minds of the somali people because they are stronger then the present government and still remain today.

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