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Breaking News: Finally a Deal between Federal Goverment and Jubbaland

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War Deg Deg ah– Madaxweyne Xasan Shiekh oo itoobiya Raali galiyey sheegayna iney saxiixayaan heshiiskii


LIVE FROM ADIS ABEBA—Iyadoo Ergada Dowladu ay goor dhaweyd sheegeen ineysan saxiixayn heshiiskii xalay isla markaasna lagu kala kacey wada hadalkii ayaa hadana goor dhaweyd waxaa Ergada Jubaland lasoo xiriirey Wasiirka Arimaha dibada Itoobiya oo sheegey iney wada hadleen Madaxweyne Xasan Sheikh ayna isla garteen in heshiiska la saxiixo Sharuud la’aan.

Xasan shiekh wuxuu itoobiya ka raali galiyey isbadalada ay sameeyeen Ergadiisu wuxuuna ka codsadey in saacado la siiyo oo uu amrayo in heshiuska la saxiixo.




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puntnomads;974629 wrote:
Is this news real or just another pirate dream?

Interesting how your alias claims to be a puntlander lol. Doubt it very much

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