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Hassan Sheekh in Adis Ababa for Jubbaland Talks with President Madoobe

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Somalia;974345 wrote:

It's subliminal: as soon as Somalia posts anything similar it means the man is in tears. Like I said Somalia nothing Will come of it .

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GAROODI;974344 wrote:
I find it hard to believe that: madobe will surrender the airport and port and I find it hard to believe that Hassan shieck will accept madobe so easily. Ironically the only news sources reporting this so called breakthrough are pirate sources. Do you actually believe jubaland will get approved by parliament. I also find it hard to believe that Hassan would do a 360 degree turn on gedo considering the clan chiefs of gedo don't want to be part of the swihili kismayo admin. I smell a rat. Lets see what hag sources say this sounds like the typical d block bu((sh@t. Not Hassan shiecks style.

beenta maad iska deysid the ugaas of gedo( Ugaas maxamed ugaas xaashi) and many other gedo sub clan chiefs are present in kismaayo and took part in the conference.

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