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Rare Somali words

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Haatu;983091 wrote:
= fat found inside the temples (I think a fatty lipoma but not sure).

il = eye

xayr = closed or shut down


that would be the latter stages of cataracts.

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sagsaag = doing your work irregularly (i.e. taking constant breaks), a person who doesn't attend constantly (sometimes missing).


sabeenxir = formal apology


waab = a building/structure used to isolate sick people


waaceen = a small amount of fresh growth that grows after a small amount of rain


qaldhow = the running of a sexually aroused camel when it's fighting.

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Maasha'allah, Haatu is interested in learning his mother-tongue, whodathunkit? Keep up the good work son.


Here are some words I don't hear that often:


Faataadhugle - means braggart but don't hear it that often

Qoon - as in "dad baa meesha isku qoomey" meaning people became angry/annoyed with each other

Qoomamee - as in "ka qoomamee falkaa" meaning regret that act, instead you hear "toobad"

Mir - not the seed but as in "qof habeenka mirta" meaning someone who does things in the dead of night

Gaafmeer- as in making the rounds to make sure everyone is safe "xoolihii ama reerka oo xalay gaafmeeriyey"

Gaafan - ready as in "anagu waa u gaafan nahay go'aankaa"

Hanweyn - as in arrogant person, can also mean ambitious as well

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