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Kenya snubbed by America and China in favour of Tanzania

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xiinfaniin;956123 wrote:
^^dhuusadii maa bilaabatay


IGAD does exist. But Kisamyo disagreement is between Jubbaland and Mogadishu government. If you have a problem with that , we understand for you have a problem with Kismayo clans


No one is complaining about IGAD,
so why talk about IGAD awoowe





Statement from Jubbaland State of Somalia

Despite the
Summit communique of the 22nd Extra-ordinary session on the situation in Somalia, Mogadishu is still provoking the Jubbaland Administration to catalyze insecurity, hostility and animosity among the clans, which will eventually result in the Jubbaland community give up in shielding Al-Shabab from Jubbaland regions. This gives the impression that Mogadishu is willingly departing out its focus from Al-Shabab and other community healing process. It’s unfortunate that all the energy and resources of Mogadishu given by the international donors for the last 6 months are focused on contesting Jubbaland community achievements.

It’s regrettable that Mogadishu is not observing the agreement reached in Addis Ababa, which its party to. Jubaland State Administration appeals
and other peace loving International Community enforce Mogadishu to refrain from further inflaming the delicate situation until the political process is completed.

The people of Jubbaland through their traditional and political leaders, decided to establish their Regional Federal State in accordance with the Provisional Federal constitution of Somalia. The decision to establish Jubbaland State was reached after years long all inclusive, transparent and democratic process, which was supported by
. Owing to this, Jubbaland Administration declares that there is no vacuum in administration set up in the regions.

Therefore, under the circumstances, Jubaland State will ensure to safeguard its own security and the delicate process achieved through
grand stabilization process and local community participation. We also urge speedy implementation of
s communique issued yesterday.

As indicated in the
communique, Jubbaland Administration welcomes the proposal for peace and reconciliation dialogue among the Jubbaland State and Mogadishu through
facilitation. However, such dialogue should take place in a neutral venue accepted to all the parties concern.

The Jubbaland Administration urges the Mogadishu,
AU and the International Community to devote all efforts and energies to the war against Al-Shabab terrorism in Somalia, instead of wasting time and resources on non-existence conflict in Jubbaland.

Mohamed Nasser

Awoowo, waad si asaasaqday. Jubbaland is talking about IGAD. More then 8 times to be exact. There, I have highlited it for you, just in case. :D

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^^Caraafatow hus


We don't see IGAD as a problem. The problem is between us, if we agree and bridge the gap no IGAD can stop us. The problem is a president who has USC mentality , but he will be dealt with

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But neither your beloved Ahmed Madobe nor Hassan Sheikh can implement one single order in their claimed territories without the enforcement powers of the IGAD-member countries.


So, do you see the relevance, finally? Or must we painstakingly explain everything to you, in the usual manner of previous threads?

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Mintid, don't be sluggish. Kismayo disagreement does not pertain to IGAD.


If you are asking whether IGAD has a role or not, that is very obvious and is not open for a debate. What is also obvious is the role of AMISOM, and front line countries including Kenya and Ethiopia. But Hassan Sheekh dramatized the issue by requesting IGAD meetings and tabling one single agenda item. IGAD rightly says when it comes to Somalia's internal affairs, SFG is takes the lead. But you and I both know Somalia is not a normal country and so does IGAD, hence the stalemate and Hassan's limited understanding of where the country is today.


If indeed Kismayo is priority # 1 for him , then Ahmed, Faroole and other political leaders will ensure that he does not get a pass in every step of the way .

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Mario B   



While the naysayers and the pseudo-federalist are crying foul, my man Chimera is showing the way out.:D:D

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Seems like a reasonable plan. The problem with Somalis is the "My way or the Highway" mentality, the president should extend the hand of peace towards Jubaland and start focusing on the real enemy.

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Chimera;956021 wrote:
This is what I propose to not only increase the geopolitical importance of Somalia, but create a stable country:


1) The Federal Government recognizes the election of Ahmed Madoobe, on the condition that the Raskamboni Brigade are incorporated into the SAF immediately, and their commanders sent to Mogadishu and Ankara for training. Ahmed Madoobe will have not engage a dialogue with any neighbouring/distant country that is not sanctioned and approved by the Federal Government


2) The Jubbaland administration agrees to a reconciliation conference
in Mogadishu
, with the Vice-President seat remaining vacant.


3) The Constitution is revised transparently and with daily/weekly reports on progress transmitted through the national tv and radio-stations.


4) The Federal Government has to reach out to China, and cut out the middleman. The summit that Somalia and Japan will co-chair tomorrow in Tokyo, surely will irk and bring out the Red Dragon from its slumber, and to our benefit.


5) Establish a Federal resource-sharing agreement with the important stake-holders of the country that will open the way for massive investments that are welcomed and protected by all parties, including Somaliland.


6) The Federal Government replaces the presence of Kenyan troops with a neutral presence, or has them demoted to a secondary position. This should be done in January 2014, when the arms-embargo is permanently lifted, the militias have been upgraded into regular soldiers by Turkey and EUTM and Al-Shabaab has been all but defeated/degraded to an ineffective force.


7) An end to the AU presence in Somalia has to be agreed upon in that same year.


8) The planned permanent Human Rights Commission must include an office for the return of looted properties & wealth to make the capital the multi-clan and cosmopolitan city it once was.


9) Repatriate the refugees in Northern Kenya and Yemen back to their regions in Somalia. The Federal Government must take out a loan of one billion dollars for this purpose alone, with the objective to create jobs, rebuild homes and provide services for these returnees that will allow them to stand on their own two feet once more.


10) A separate 2 billion dollars has to be injected into the country school system, health-sectors and coastal communities by 2016.


11) Provide a base for China in Kismayo, and a base for the US in either Mogadishu or Berbera. This will significantly boost the geopolitical importance of Somalia at the expense of its neighbours in the eyes of the superpowers.


12) Sign deals and joint-ventures with important great powers such as Britain, South Korea, Japan and Turkey that will benefit the infrastructure network of Somalia, and its economic output.


There are more points, but these are the most important ones for the near future, and could result in Somalia being a significantly stronger and more respected country than it currently is. There is a clear advantage in the fact that unlike Kenya, Somalia does not have leaders chased by the ICC. There is also a clear advantage in the fact that the leaders of Britain and the US are more comfortable in being seen with the leaders of Somalia, than the leaders of Kenya. Despite its terrible ordeal in the last two decades, Somalia remains a beautiful Cindarella in the eyes of the world, and one that could eventually rise to become a Queen.

You have assumed Somaliland will agree to re-union which is very unlikely, so a slightly revised version might work for the southern part of the former republic and save it from the mess it is in today. Anyway, you have got good ideas and a very good heart. God bless you.

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