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The Somali Green Salad!

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After being invited by an Arab and given Arabic Coffee.... three cups of that concentrated coffee at 2200 tonight, I come back home and I try to sleep, guess sleep at all, so after hours of miserable qalaamo-rogad, I decided to do something useful until morning and go to work,...Anyhow,,I was listening to some old Somali songs..and then I remembered The only other thing that can make feel this sleepless...The Somali Green Salad!...Oh the Teenage days, When Trying it was utmost form of Manliness, Sitting in some Maqaaxi on the other side of town (making sure you don't run to someone you know) listening to Qaraami songs on Panasonic Radio and drinking some nice Shaahii Barjaha....iyo waliba bacdii la isku ruugi jiray!!!....Bitter-sweet memories, ...But Hey, Everyone is entitled to some out of the rule adventure when they are young...So that you don't get back to it in midlife crisis.


For those who don't know, This is the Somali Green Salad...Served with Shaah (actually only Hayl iyo sokor)....In some way The Somali Salad is concentrated Qahwa.



Consumption of this Drug is a Risk Factor For Ischemic Heart disease, Oral cancer and Impotence.

Withdrawal symptoms :Cravings, Nervousness and agitation, Nightmares.

Medical Community strongly advices against the use of this Terrible narcotic.


My answer to all of this Medical Jargon.

Walaw dayro aad tahay (saladaw)

Hadana la dhaqankiyo

Dhaqashada ku wacantahay.

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Alpha Blondy;947719 wrote:
i'm having me some green Somali salads, right now. my mum did always say eat your greens.


have a great jeudi sooooooooooir y'all.


Happy jeudi soir. Are you eating Fujis or Daba-musbaar? How much to be exact? you started out with a falar, but I heard from your cousins you eat half a kilo nowadays. :D

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Reeyo;948545 wrote:
Absolutely revolting. The sight of a grown man chewing greens is sickening.

LOL, the sight of a sickened youth is marqaan-jebis. I'm sure you didn't accidentally stumble onto these green-chewing men, you should have saved yourself the revolt and avoided the situation.

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