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Who Is The Boss?


When the Lord made Man, all the parts of the body argued over who would be the Boss:


The Brain explained that since it controlled all the parts of the body, it should be Boss.


The Legs argued that since they took the rest of body wherever it wanted to go, they should be the Boss.


The Stomach countered with the explanation that since it digested all the food, it should be the boss.


The Eyes said that without them, Man would be helpless, so they should be Boss.


Then the Asshole applied for the Job. The other parts of the body laughed so hard that the asshole became mad and closed up.


After a few days the Brain went foggy, the Legs got wobbly, the Stomach got ill, the Eyes got crossed and were unable to see.


They all finally conceded and made the Asshole the Boss.


This proves you don't have to be a Brain to be the Boss, just an Asshole.

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The moral of the story? dont make fun of ppl dont belittle them because you dont know what they're capable of as proved by asshole :D


Nice one

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