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Five EU Ambassadors present jointly their credentials to the President of Somalia

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Magali Uytterhaeghe

Press and Information Officer

Delegation of the European Union in Kenya

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Today, the EU Ambassadors of Germany, Margit Hellwig-Bötte, France, Etienne De Poncins, Spain, Javier Herrera García-Canturri , Belgium, Bart Ouvry, and Finland, Sofie From-Emmesberger , have presented jointly their credentials to the President of Somalia to become their countries' first Ambassadors to the Federal Republic of Somalia for over 21 years.


With the accreditation of five EU Member States' Ambassadors to Somalia, the EU expresses its genuine commitment to the people of Somalia and underlines its confidence in the new political dispensation. The EU's partnership with Somalia is based upon respect for Somali ownership and responsibility.


The EU also believes that this partnership can support Somalia in laying the foundation for a better future for its people. The EU embraces the government's priorities to reconcile the nation, build a federal state, establish security and rule of law, ensure transparent financial management and live in peace with itself and its neighbours.






Great job for the people who are working hard to get us back to our feets in the world stage.

And we will keep on going . This goverment needs to continue it's hard work, few obstacles and that's it. Good joob Mr President.

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^^^That you can't see that a nation that is not yet reconciled with each other can't in any meaningfully way be called to be out of the woods tells me that you are yet to get acquainted with what makes a nation that is at ease and is at peace with itself and with it's neighbours.


After all just before he was chase away from power in December of 1990, Gen Afweyne had forty and odd embassies "accredited" to his government right there in mogadishu and that still didn't do any good whatsoever for him and his never tiring propagandist of his government of that time.


Hence my brotherly advice to you would be to say that the international community (IC) do not make a nation; nor do they reconcile a divided nation like Somalia. And therefore instead of thinking that such a welcome sign of receiving these ambassadorial delegates is the be all and end all of what Somalia needs at this point in time you could do worse in here than if you pay every effort you can to reconcile the deeply divided folks of Somalia. Or at least the current president proceed to do so in a genuine way.

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