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Marriage and friendship.

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nuune;901474 wrote:
aka my Cawl state buddy, and
the original(not
), haye, I got your points, but where were you when
was saying the following:


- Allah is Waaq, an insult of the greatest of all, similar in saying Allah has begotten a son, I guess you have no problem him saying that every often and now, but have problems when I told him to marry naag gaal ah oo istaaga ku kaajeyso(all naagaha gaalada istaagey ku kaajaan on the streets, in public places, and everywhere, and Blue, you of all people should know that if you are in Amsterdam(my recent trip there last week alone had seen 4 women oo on the street istaaga ku kaajayo))


- Prophet Mohamed used Dameer or azz for Al Isra Wal Micraaj, I don't need to comment on this, and leave it to you to comment, again, there were countless abuses against prophet Mohamed by this
, I don't need to dig


- Where were you TWO when
uu hooyooyinka Soomaaliyeed oo dhan caayayey by saying the products they produced are as a result of a non-consent sex, another word, you me and everyone is gara.c or bastaardadi foolyadi kaano.


- Calling Mecca & Medina the center of drug and sex addicts, where women are imprisoned on daily bases then raped, the two holy places are the most modest and liberal places I have seen in any other cities recently on my visit where women are free to work, study, walk on the street with out niqab, little he knows though.


Apo achieved and says that in a classical way, sometimes injecting those insults in his Kismaayo topics, it is a tactical way of hunting the usual suspects of Masaakiin!



I guess again you have no problem with that and many others he on daily bases flushes on SOL.




You see, I have no problem with
, being atheist is a choice to him, I leave him to that, but when he interferes and abuses our religion, here there, and abuses our beloved prophet calling him all sorts of names, then I guess all you TWO care about is his coolness and being reasonable guy he is.


Again, you see, I have no problem with
, and no need to send him warning about reminding him the SOL rules, I don't need to do that, he knows, and he ca read it.



, is an ultimate atheist who is not consent what he believes buy inject endless topics about Muslims and Islam, he can be GAAL weynaadey for all he wants, but gaal Soomaali ah waa la yaqaanaa, they like iney caayaan diinteena suuban, Nabigeena sharafta leh iyo hooyooyinkeena.



For me being a moderator doesn't exclude me from commenting, I am just like any other Soler, I don't have super powers, and I will comment on topics as I see them fit.



adiga liima mandariina maana miina seendadada muuska, naga tag aan ku dhahey faankuulo faarabuuto kuuntadi cambuulo maajo.

Look at him becoming bitter and accusing me of being Alpha, Xabad and Apophis just because people agreed with me and told him he was in the wrong really pathetic whatelse do you expect from a man who doesn't live in reality. Only narrow minded people like you resort to such ridiculous claims when defeated. After all the truth breeds hatred and I can see that from you.


Anybody with a good memory can tell you made this up as whatever Apophis posts is for everyone to see. It's clear that your hatred for Atheists is so big that you even resort to these serious lies which is a grave sin. You wanted to create chaos with your lies and made some fake case against Apophis to justify your personal attacks to him because you knew he was innocent and you were in the wrong and thus had nothing to say about him. It's a shame to see how you as a mod stoop down so low and abuse your position like this. It's people like you who represent our religion bad and make the rest of us look bad and make people go further away from Islam instead of making them come closer. So I have the right to speak about this ill treatment as I don't agree with it.


Such a hypocrite don't even talk about sending a warning to remind of SOL rules when you are corrupt and a big time liar yourself who broke the rules right in this thread and other threads for his own personal gain. You just have proven how you abuse your powers as a mod. Apophis maybe an Atheist but he sure does have better morals and character then you something which you as a Muslim should have. He has never resorted to these ill kind of things you do.


Fear Allah and stop the lies and hatred you are trying to spread on this place against non believers when they have done nothing to deserve to be insulted randomly on a personal level!


Oba: exactly my point Apophis has never talked bad about our religion he has been tolerant and respectful. This jinn guy Nuune is making things up because he knows he's guilty and got caught. Apparently he sees things that are not existent in this reality.


Coofle: thanks for pointing out that insulting a person just because they are an Atheist is wrong. That is what this whole thing was about and none of the other irrelevant things you mentioned.

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