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Official NFL Football Thread 2008

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I would also like to see the Colts vs Eagles.


So the Utes molested Bama and nobody saw that coming. We were all relying on Bama's defense to dominate but unfortunately Utah's offense was a beast and their defense wasn't half bad. Who woulda though? It was like watching a Cinderella story. We wrote them off, expected them to lose but they surprised us all. To have an undefeated season and then go on to win a bowl, Go utes, go!.


At least VT and USC won. 2/3 isn't bad.


Now, I just hope the buckeyes get their asses handed to them. I really don't believe OSU deserved to go to the Fiesta Bowl over Boise State


I just like Texas. They got cheated out of the BCS Championship. This is a team that was tied with OU and didn't qualify for the Big 12 championship because of poll ratings. Not to mention they beat the Sooners (a plus in my book).


They has McCoy, a Heisman finalist for a QB who leads the team in Rushing Yardage. Seasoned RBs and WR, Shilpy, Cosbey, Williams and Collins. .


Hands down the Longhorns have a better offense than any team the Buckeyes faced. Defensively they aren't there but as long as they pressure the Freshman QB it shouldn't make much of a difference.

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