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as y'all know its jeudi soir. i had 3 different people call to say they'll come through. i havent call to enquire its now 20:30ish and they're NO WHERE to been seen. why make promises, if you're going to FLOP, ma garatay?


''balan xumo waa diin daro''. they'll probably call to say sorry tomorrow. people must at ALL times keep their promises or at least inform you. balse, wax yaahas iyo waxyaabo kalo la mid ah, waa laga ficanyahay, ma garateen? :)


other useful advise by Alz.

1. nabad la'aani waa nolol la'aan

2. aqoon la´aani waa iftiin la´aan

3. af jooga looma adeego.

4. baryo badan iyo bukaanba waa laysku nacaa.

5. been fakatey run magaadho.

6. dagaal wiil kuma dhashee, wiil baa ku dhinta

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Reeyo;964808 wrote:
Hello Al and groupies- Hope you'r all having a wonderful evening



you alright? how are you? i hope all is well with you, ma garatay?


i'm doing ok. i say ok because everything is ok. there's nothing major going on these days with Alz. i'm just going with the flow, dee.


the group isn't as tight as before and i think many of them have crawled back to their holes. i use to think of myself as the social glue that binds the 'group' together................ balse, others are better than Alz at that. there's hardly NO-ONE around these days, ee soo ma aragtid? :cool:

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1. Digressing from the topic at hand, especially onto sensitive topics. Not necessarily overtly argumentative, this tactic frustrates its targets with its pointlessness and circularity. Digression onto sensitive topics triggers the strongest reactions.


2. Hypocriticising, especially for a fault that the critic then displays him/herself. A simple tactic, often this is pedantic criticism of grammar, spelling or punctuation in a post which itself contains proof-reading errors to provoke exasperated responses from others.


3. Antipathising, by taking up an alienating position by asking pseudo-naive questions, for example. This tactic is heavily reliant on deceiving the group it is aimed at and covertly manipulates egos, sensitivities, morals and feelings of guilt, usually to trigger emotional responses. It can also create moral dilemmas.


4. Endangering others by giving dangerous advice such as encouraging risky behaviour. A trolling strategy designed to masquerade as help or advice while actually causing harm and/or forcing others to respond to prevent harm. It relies on the target’s social responsibility and moral obligation.


5. Shocking others by being insensitive about sensitive topics or explicit about taboo topics. This appears to succeed mainly due to the strength of feeling provoked by the deeply personal and extraordinarily hurtful nature of the troll’s insensitivity. It triggers a desire to retaliate that is stronger than the desire to deny the troll the satisfaction of a response.


6. Aggressing others by insulting, threatening, or otherwise plainly attacking them without adequate provocation. This is open and deliberate aggression without any clear justification with the aim of antagonising its target into retaliating.


7. Crossposting - sending the same offensive or provocative message to multiple groups then waiting for the response. The message sent by the troll in this tactic is totally off topic and irrelevant. This deliberately careless ‘spamming’ tactic can result in potentially thousands of users being inundated with unwanted or irrelevant messages.




kulaaha......''Trolls operate out of a feeling of power, amusement, boredom and revenge and thrive on the anonymity which the internet provides.....''


kulaaha again....''trolls range from deliberately digressing from a subject to focus on a more sensitive topic to provoke reaction to endangering others by giving advice, perhaps to cause harm or force others to respond to prevent harm.''


kulaaha Dr Hardaker ......''an incredible amount of time and strategy can be involved in trolling, as my research into the techniques they use highlights.'


new research published in latest edition of the Journal of Language, Aggression and Conflict.



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^ LOL. you'd have to admit it's funny, ma garatay?


p.s - we don't debate controversial issues on this thread, so please fcuk off. i know you've developed a niche for espousing alternative pseudo-contrarian viewpoints. :)

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^ That is a good question. I did warn her against that Godforsaken place. I pray she is alright.

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