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Alpha Blondy

Has The Time Come For The White Man To Leave The Somali Peninsula?

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in our collective history during colonialism as well as before that, our interactions with the White Man has always been somewhat imbalanced...based on a slave/master - dominant/subservient - coloniser/colonised relationship. that traditions has not changed one bit and is causing serious damages to our collective will, maanta. yesterday's historic events along with Somaliland's road to recovery may signal the end of the White Man in meddling in the internal affairs of our people and may signal a path towards mutual inter-dependency and partnerships based on collective interest.


the White Man needs no introduction and is the devil-incarnate and certainly has a good interest in trying to manipulate us and set in motions actions that may benefit him to our detriment and eventual destruction . they may come with a sense of purpose, in kind of course, and claim partnerships in their attempts to alleviate the suffering they are partly responsible for in the first place. they may present to us capacity building plans for democratisation and long term strategic funding plans for public-sector developments but its all lies and we're none the wiser for wholly accepting their proposed ideas, without consideration. they may have productive ties and relations with one region in the name of aid & development and may not afford these inducements to other somalis but its always the same - divide and rule.


our dignity, our integrity, our pride, our sense of being have to all intent and purposes been seemingly damaged in the process and our interactions with the White Man and inability to stand tall and united even if for Somalinimo. but there is hope and the day is fast approaching when we're in a position to kick these vultures and AIDS (Aid Induced Dependency Syndrome) infector to leave our land so that through collective actions and partnerships of strengths, we may prosper and be in control of our own affairs...that day my bros and sistas is here.


join me in condemning their destructive actions. join me in condemning and holding them to account. join me in asking them to leave our land once and for all.


Thank you,



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Peace to the cushitic peaceful nation of pacifist pastro-agruulturalists;



my brother, we don't mind if the white man takes over Somalia as long as he gives us one of his countries in exchange. I wouldn't mind Italy or Spain.

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