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Olympics 2012 Thread

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Loool @ all the claims and wa la isku heesta wiilkii.


Somalis are glory supporters- very few were willing to say I am supporting Mo- win or lose waa Somali! :D


On another note; IT is not only Somali were brought the roof down with their shouts for Mo; watch below Dennis, Michael Johnson and Colin Jackson :D :D :D


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Nothing is too early he was already the greatest Somali and British runner of all time and now he's added an Olympic title to that Resume, it puts him in a class apart both amongst Somalis and British runners alike. We all the know the history of Ethiopian runners and how they excel and at times dominate this sport, but I find it amusing that an ONLF cyber-warrior is cheerleading for the Ethiopians while under estimating what this means for somali athletes. If Mo finishes DEAD LAST in the 5000 M it will not take away from what he has accomplished. Put simply you're a hater bro orod garab jogso Lazy G :D, you just wanna come back here and say 'I told you so' if he comes up short in 5000 m which I'm confident he will at least earn a medal.




Find a solution to your Somaliland issues don't know what to tell you, it isn't 'my gabiley' I have never seen the place but it is clearly his !




Not sure what your on about sister I wasn't even aiming at you lol. The young canadian-somali is on the come up, a few years from now we might all be cheering for him, we're proud of the youngster for qualifying for the final!

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just as abdi bile was a somali champion and hero, mo farah has replicated that success for the first time in 25 years with an olympic GOLD. well done mo. we are proud. this is a great day for the somali speaking people of the world. could sports now play a pivotal role in establishing peace and a way forward from these difficult times?



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Lander, I don't mix politics with art, or sport. I know you can't do that, but that doesn't mean others shouldn't. I support talent whoever possess it. It is primitive not to cheer-lead Tiki Galana when she wins the Marathon for instance. Of course, my first preference is for a somali to win, naturally. But political beliefs do not come in sports or art for me. I can applaud an Israeli if I think he is good in the sport he is involved in and if I like his style and talent. Are we clear?

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*Blessed;854626 wrote:
What's eating Faraax Brown and Lander? I don't get it! Heedhe, inanku waa inaga and so was that Canadian brother who no one is mentioning but IMO did well for a first event. Laakin Mo Farah is representing team GB at these games. Don't hate us for having the advantage of being Somali and Great Britons like our Mo, aye.LoL.

Nothing is eating us, we just want to be a part of this euphoric greatness..maaha? :)


Mohamed Farah has inspired every somali kid wherever they are. I am sure of course,the somali brits will be more a kin to him than many,..but it is my hope for some day to show my son the 2012 video inshallah and tell him about the greatness of mo farah...and that is my argument.


As for Abtigis, abeera, akam jirte? I think Mo Farah is a better 5k runner than he is a 10k runner. In my opinion. He has the momentum right now,he has the home crowd advantage and most importantly,he has the confidence. I think he pulls this one off too..


of course,It wont be easy,he has already shown his "tactic" and Kenenisa,the great(and there is no doubt,dude is awesome),and the rest of the ethiopians,kenyans, eritrians and the kenyanized arabs,will give him a hard time. they may all gang against him(like they used to do for haile gabrasalasie)..


my prediction, farah wins gold in the 5k

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First and foremost, I would like to extend my hambalyo to Lander. Congrats. Your man wuu guuleyste. K Bekele lost. In short,

My man was beaten by your man.


Mida kale, there are way too many of you, especially the late comers who have have zero credibility and now have sold your souls to the

highest bidder, in this case, Mo Farah. I feel sorry for you, newbies. I will not dignify you with a response, matter of fact, I dont even

want to acknowledge you.. (i.e Blessed of the world)



Mida Kale, che and Company...who is GALEN RUPP?


What do Galen Rupp and Mo Farah have in common?


Why isn't anyone talking about this nobody who beat the defending champ? He got Silver and the champ was in fourth placE? Why?


How can a nobody come from 13# from the last world stage(olympics) to get a silver?

And what is this nobody's connection to Mo Farah?



Nike Oregon Project, the doping center that fueled these two yaahooo's, so they can secure both the 1st and 2nd round in the men's

10k...thats the connection



I know the Ethiopian team does not want to insert itself in controversy but I can and I will.


These two yaahoos (RUPP AND M. FARAH) are serial dopers....and I want an official investigation launch..(but that will not happen, if

at all, because Ethiopians waa fuleeyiin, they dont want to be called sore losers)

..there has to be official charges that has to be filed by the Ethiopian Athletic Committee, and only then can an investigation be under taken to find out how two yahoo's just out ran the defending champion, by far the best long distance runner in the world.



Two yahoos need to be investigated....There is a reason why WADA (The World Anti-Doping Agency) once claimed that what goes on

on those training facilities is the equivalent of blood doping, so for a yahoo and another waryaa-yahoo to take 1 and 2 spots is inconceivable to say the least. It took me back a moment...but for now, a win is a win. (even thought doping allegations have to be answered)



As for Kenenisa Bekele, unlikely what other yahoo's are saying here(please stop posting falsehoods), new comers and all, he did not qualify for the 5,000m (He is a reserve)


He Qualified for the 10,000m (Fastest time in the 3-man team)


For Dibaba, she did not qualify for the 5,000k(she is a reserve ****this might change sine she got the country's first medal)





BTW, for those of you who are talking about Somalinimo(This is sports).


This has nothing to do with Somalinimo. And even if we were talking about showing pride to our nation(which we did on Friday), that ship

has sailed...As Ngonge will say, wax fahma.....



I would love nothing but Mo Farah to say he is Somali-Brit...but he didn't. He said I'm a brit, this is my home and thats that.


He does not consider himself Somali because of Qabiil. I dont support or acknowledge people who meddle in tribal matters in the

global arena...its revolting.


He is so hateful that he took his disappointment with his Visa being denied last year because his sorry qaxooti looking.


United States denied him entry last year, he was stranded here in Canada.... denied entry until his Coach begged few

State Department officials to let him in. In his interview, he was livid. He was disgusted with being Somali...(Go read the article, he gave... the long interview about the ordeal)


Do not ask me to do your homework for you. The article exists, and because you are a fan, you should have no trouble finding it.


so lets stop the talk about him being Somali.


Unless he comes out and whole heartily embraces the country of his birth the very same way I do, I will not consider him a

Somali. He is not Somali.


I beg you to stop insulting our intelligence with this silly talk of him being a "SOMALI-BRIT".

(You know who you are, SililaanyoLand/Enclave pple)


You know exactly what he him for being athletic, support him for being African or from the same Tribe,


but do not for one minute pretend that he is a "SOmali-Brit". I dont buy it.




Best Wishes,


LayZie G.

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Iga walla Maxamed Faarax baabah buu ka dhigay intii la tartamaysey. Hambalyo Maxamed, rajo iyo yedadiilo baad na gelisay.

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The second biggest race of the Athletics is under way in just over an hour.


Mens 100m Finals...


Yesterday was the worse day since Olympics started. both my picks for the womens 100m and mens 10,000m came out short.


What a disappointing day.


But atleast Carmelita Jeter has a chance to leave London with 1 Silver and 2 Gold....


I do not hear Ryan Bailey or was it Barbeque, sounds like Usain Bolt just showed the world that not only can be beat his personal best by

under a second but he can do it with ease. And its just the semi finals.

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nacnac ciiyalka naga kala yaree, you live eat and breathe politics and you have no problem involving peoples family lives and marriages in the realm of politics but you would have me believe you're too honorable to mix sports with politics? :D


Lazy G,


We may not agree on much but I applaud you for coming out and being yourself, stay real!

lol@doping though. I expect better from the Ethio's in 5k should be a good one.

100 Metres don't expect Bolt to take it, he doesn't look right. Should a great few days in track.

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^Lander, he may not look right(as anyone would? Its has been 4 long, grueling years) but when it counts, he will deliver. Count on him to defend his title....and his countryman will take the silver,

leaving Tyson Gay who could surprise many by taking Bronze for team Che.


I think the 100m, 200m, and men's 4X100m relay will go to Jamaica. They are just too good to be slowed down by the likes of Tyson the washed up Gay and Co.




The Ethiopians might surprise us all...the big boys running are the 3-man team of:


5000 Men

1. 12:46.81 Dejen Gebremeskel (#1)

2. 12:47.53 Hagos Gebrhiwet (#2)

3. 12:48.77 Yenew Alamirew (#4)


This is unless they make last minute changes...but chances are the top 3 duo will come up and probably

sweep 2 medals. Count on it...

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Lazy...I don't really care about Rupp or Mo but I do welcome anyone that beats Ethiopians!!!!


I like I said gymnastics (Go Gabby) and badminton both of which have been eventful. Mo is bright start for Maryooley Brits and lesser degree his homies in Gebileey as NGONG said.

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lol@che, you are a strange fella but still a homie.




OMG, St. Leo just set a new Olympic record(again), hahahah, thats sick. (his instant performance made up for yesterday's

disappointment ...a mere 9.64(the official record is now 9.63) seconds just put a dark day behind me....)

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