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Olympics 2012 Thread

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Macallinka;854279 wrote:
So sad he didn't qualified. He came last , but he tried his best!!


Edit: Actually there were two ppl behind him .......Well done



compete and utter failure! he carried the nation's expectation on his shoulders and he's let everybody down, how pathetic. i cant say i'm disappointed nor angry at this despicable performance. no surprises here, its not like he stood a chance anyway!

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chubacka;854287 wrote:
Has anyone got a link to these races?

Go to BBC Sport. Click on any LIVE link. Once it plays, click on the right hand corner of the video where it says "more videos". Look for the heats then forward or rewind until you find the two or three minutes of those races.


Ibti, just wait for someone to put it on youtube, which they will sooner or later. :D



Norf is still going on about "proper" sport. War it's all sport dee. :P

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Is Ngonge bitter because he cant run or because gabadh Somaliyeed is living his dream?




She is a girl who can actually run, and not only that, she can clock faster than all the fadhi ku dirir folks leysku daray.


Give me a break folks and pick on someone your own size.



I'm sure marka ay soo baxday ma dhihin ooo "Olympic village aan dagaa, oo Ima be pampered". Zamzam is driven. She is young, and there is always Rio 2016.


I'm sorry to break it to you Ngonge. Athletes are about the competition. Always are, always will be. (You know watching sport is not the same thing as playing...but you keep representing.....fadhi ku dirir style, ya heard?


FYI: The above color is not pink. Its called Magenta (Fuchsia)......My favourite color in the world.



Hi Ibti, Ramadan Karim. No, she is not the same girl. Zamzam was discovered playing B-ball in Xamar, trained, did her meets and qualified for the Olympics.



If it weren't for :----




Day One of the Athletics would have been bust...


Tirunesh Dibaba saved the day with her calm and composure...I except K. Bekele to come out tomorrow and do the same....let Ethiopia go for two of two. It was great seeing the top three spots going to East Africa's finest in the woman's 10,000M......

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Tirunesh will go for the 5000 too. Meserat Defar is her biggest rival there. Tonight, Kenenisa (who is not at his best) will have Mo Farah for dinner. Mo will test the rage of Oromo's in an olympic. These species perform well in the olympics and usually save their best for this occassion.


By the way, I was out of touch these days, how many medals did somaliland win so far?


I upset one guy at the opening ceremony when I was in Hargeisa. After watching the parades of nations for a while, I leaned towards a gentleman on my side (in a packed cafe) and matter-of-factly asked him: "War waan daalnay, waa xili danbe'e, goormay Somaliland soo maraysaa, waan iska hoyan lahaaye?" You should have seen his face. He looked at me initially a bit surprised but i think he must have assumed I am inncoent SLander and so he said, "war kuma jirto dee". :D :D

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Ngonge, norf, blessed I have tickets for you guys for the farewell dinner for Mohamed and zamzam.


Any other London wanting to come iisoo kheyli insha Allah

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