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Turkey only became involved in Somalia when their US/EU masters made them aware about the TFG and resources. Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Emiratis have been active in Somalia much longer, even poor Yemen has done more for Somalis than anyone else.


Turkey and their fake charity. These were gone for 20 years and they come when Somalis (Puntland especially) gets its shit together at the highest level, acting like their charity is genuine. Only a blind donkey can fall for that trick.


Contracts should go to Korea & Japan, this should be about business. And I'm sure Puntland is ahead of the situation; Turkey should build their orphanages and shit in Xamar, Puntland is a place of business and Turkey doesn't bring real business to Somalia.


Wallahi Japan has been helping Somalis for decades on building important institutions, they are my #1 choice along with Korea.

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