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What Lincoln would say about Somali-land seceding.

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Now as a disclaimer I am neutral on the issue, but frankly I felt every argument about Somaliland secession has lacked substance. Those who wish it to stay in the Union have miss placed visions of the past and equate Somali Wayne, with a peaceful prosperous Somalia; this is far to the contrary. All those who want Somaliland to stay as they see it, a sovereign state, are a bit naïve. After 20+ years of "independence" let alone all the investment by the international community in Somalia, it doesn’t appear they are making progress on the international stage although in they have gone light years compared to the south in terms of peace and development.


I apologize for the long intro or if anyone here doesn't live in America or know who Lincoln was, but just for a brief insight into whom he was...a short Google of the name should turn it up. But if ur too lazy for even that….Basically when the US was on the verge of a civil war, Slave loving south vs Industrial north, President Lincoln gave an inaugural speech about the very notion of the south seceding.


His 3 main points which I will write down, I have related them to the context of Somalia. Let me know if you think my assumptions hold weight.


1. He argued that the south had nothing to fear, because they would lose nothing if they stayed in the Union.

• This is true in the case of Somaliland; they broke away because of the crimes committed against them. It doesn’t look like they have much to fear now.


2. The constitution does say anywhere in it you can secede

• Same in case of Somali constitution which both ratified in 1960.


3. If a constituent is a contract agreed upon all, then in order to secede all parties must be in an agreement. To unilaterally secede would be illegal and a breach of contract. Also seceding without all parties in agreement is CHOAS because then the party which seceded could have regions which would want to secede and so on and so forth.

• In the case of south Sudan the north agreed to referendum.

• In somaliland, they have SSC, awadal state, etc. All trying to leave it politically seems chaotic to me...



I know I don’t come off as neutral as I actually am, but that’s because I just want to see what you all think of the matter discussed on these 3 terms.

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