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macawiis weyne


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Salaama Calaykum ...

Waad wada salaaman tihiin ilaaheyna qeyr iyo roob ha idin siiyo aamiin dhaha.

taasi waa koow.


hada kahor waxbaan meesha ku soo qoray oo iga aheyd daacad iyo jaceelnimo aan u qabo gabdhaha soomalida oo walaalaheyga ah.

laakiin waxaan u maleynayaa in aan helay fikradaha gabdhaha caqliga leh oo i fahmay. kuwa aan i fahminna waxaan u maleynayaa in ey ahaayeen kuwo yar oo aan isku lood aheyn. sidaas daraadeed waxaan ku qorayaa mowduucaan somali si ey ii fahmaan dad wili wixii dhaqan keena ah ku xiran.


now this is for the girl that wrote the last post and quoted me I don't think you could read somali so and i want you to understand me.

Barwaaqo spoke about her feeling and knew how to argue, but the problem with you is you didn't understand about the main topic. you have quoted me with this..."Black kufaar sisters"...let me explain why i chosed to say that.

i was talking about Erica Badu... well Erica is black and she is Kufaar (gaal, non believer) and she is a sister in race.

is like saying i'm black and i'm muslim not kufaar and i'm a brother. i didn't make any racist comments and for you to think i did, you were not very clever or bright about it. I have apologised to Barwaaqo but not because i have made a racist comment but that i was telling people what was right and wrong.


So don't tell me to look at the mirror next time.


if i said anything bad please for give me because i'm just a human and i make mistakes just like you guys.


wasaalama calaykum waraxmatulaahi wabarakaatu.

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alla alla ..hijaab in style


war macawiis weyna balaayo kula macawiis weynaatay adiga iyo qa'qaba........


war maxaad karabtaan gabdhaha xijaabkooda sideey rabaan ha u xirtaanee...


Barwaaqo abti waxaad tahay gabar aad iyo aad u muran badan ilaaheey na iska ma keen soo horbixiyo. muran baad daad iigaga dhigileheed balaayo kula quotes badnaatay.


war macawiis weyne erica baadhuuuu wey soo muslimi doontaa ayada xataa. xogaan in ey khamrada iyo xafaarowga iska yareeyso baa u hartay. naagta ilko dahab bey xirantahay hada sidee islaamahii hargeysa oo qaadka gadi jiray. kor kaagu qaac.....

gabdhaha somalida ah waxey ku qurux yihiin xijaab kooda lakiin ha u xiranina xijaab sidii in aad dagaal galeysaan.. hana ku xiranina dhar idinku dhagan oo oday anigoo kala ahi fadhiga u diida yaa abti....


xoogaa naga dabciya surweelada iyo topska abti maxaa yeelo aad iyo aad baad u jir qurxan tihiin anagana danbigii baa nagu kordhineysaan awal buu danbiga naga laad laadayee yaa.


gabdhihiina ilaahey ha idiin barakeeyo mid garbaha idiin tuujiyo raga ilaaheey ha iidiinkaga dhigo qeyr mid macsaro idiin mariso.


aad iyo baad u maraqeysan tihiin



waa erayadii Garab tuujiye.........

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************* Classic*****************kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk



Why can't we have topics like

Barwaaqo..looool.. who knew yaah?


Man who was Macawiis Weyne?.....


Look at this topic and the brring topics up here today!!!

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^^^lol waryaa this topic was hot walahi


markaan akhriyey anigaaba isla yaabey nooh! Waa saas aan ka bixi waayey! kix kix kix


Kuwa erika badu dhaafeen aa soo baxeen maalmahan nooh, they wear du ragz ( look like bloods and crips). Kuwii hore waxaa ku dhihi kartay " Yac! maxaa waaye saan; kuwaan laakiin they be like " chill dude, you dont know me like dat"


young somali girls (especially the ones in projects) where most somalis live are out of control today' just like the boyz, I call them the "MTV Somaliz" they are new generation by themselves. These young boyz and girls be hanging out infront of buildings calling themselves "niggaz and shorties" war ileen balo, even the OL dudes like Oday Jimcaale lama yaabaan. War waa kuwii dee! ayuu ku leeyahay.


I will be honest, hada lama yaabo aniga' waxaa strange noqotay markaad aragtid a somali girl with a proper hijaab, you be like " War hadey soo gashay' wadanka mudo ma joogto" :D


Laakiin on a serious note! sistas keep it real-wear the hijab like you suppose to and follow all the requirement -cuz the funniest thing to see is a hijabi sister talking about " hit me up dude' later aight! wareerkii uu tuujiye sheegi jiray oo kale. kix kix kix


That is enough analyzin fo me

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hijab has become a formality. Somali girls just wear it because their mothers tell them to. They don't know it's significance, its purpose, or it importance. Thus their attitudes and how they carry themselves are complete opposites of what a mutahajiba should be.


Is it no wonder some somali girls wear tight clothes with their hijab seeing as they have no KNOWLEDGE of their deen.




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Asalam aleykum,



Please avoid making the Hijaab issue like a Small time business.Read carefully from the internet and other resources, why you should wear the Hijaab.

Read about Sultana Yusuf Ali, a 17 Year Old High School Student,Published in Toronto Star - Young People's Press in the following URL.

Why Should I wear the Hijaab?




Originally posted by Modesty:

Asalamu Alaykum,


Dear brothers and sisters I want to say that we are so lucky to have this great religion called Islam. Allah said that the believing man, and the believing woman are superior than the non-believers. There was a time in history that non-believing women dressed like muslim women, unlike today.The hijab is fard, meaning it is obligatory upon the muslim women to wear it, and who doesn't is not practicing Islam fully. Men are supposed to dress modestly as well.Hijab is not just a piece of fabric, but who wears it must act upon it. That doesn't mean that you wear it just for impressing others, but for the fear and pleasure of Allah. Also, if a woman wear a hijab she must also wear loose fitting clothes that hide her adornments, and that she doesn't stand with man she isn't related to, laughing with them, for that is haram. My dear sisters, I know that this society we live in today sets standards for women for her to be accepted in society, and solely being based on her looks, and non-believers might shout names at you, and stare at you in disgust, but know that you are better than them because your heart is alive. But why can't non-believing women especially can't stand a veiled muslim sister? Ok, next time do this little experiment, when you are standing with a bunch of people and a beautiful woman walks by,everyone looks right. Well next time save yourself from this sin, but instead look at the people, you will see that even when the interest of the men faded from the debutante, the women are still looking. Why? because to the women she is a treat to them for men.BUT... when a veiled sister walks by you'll see nice girls shouting obcenities,because the veiled girl is a direct challenge to their whole womanhood. The veiled sister is doing everything the non-vieled woman is doing and getting a lot more respect from man. I heard a young girl say, the most feared in society is an articulate, successful sister with hijab, and there are a lot of sisters that haven't sold Allah's signs for a paltry price, and still are doing well in this dunya.

So far one of the best replies to the thread.


It may happen that brother Macwiis Weeyne, started the thread while angry, but that wouldn't make some of our sisters who either misunderstood the intention or were blatantly confused, outright angry


Now look at the following samples of quotes which should have been avoided to make the topic a collective thread..This is a good topic though.


Sister Nazra,


“The hijab,
doesn't mean
:"u fear allah"
it's there to be covered, and maintain a high profile for yourself and do what's it's said as well as beliveing allah and staying on the right path.

did she mean it anyways..? :mad: :mad: She may have intended to say, wearing the hijaab doesn't mean, you fear Allah more..


like she almost said,


The hijab is there for to be covered up not a status of your beliefs, it's betta to be covered up then not be covered yet display low level of amen.

meaning please wear the Hijaab as orders from Allah, do not pretend that since you are wearing the Hijaab, you are the most God Fearing person ..Good


And still Nazra said,


Hijab is an order,
if she wears tight tops underneath, so what?
what's wrong with it? and she adds some style to it, wow!
atleast she is still covered.

Nazra, there is no atleast..It is either you are covered or Just plainly say, I don't need to be covered .It is your choice between obeying your God, the one who created you or disobeying HIM.


Ahura then added ...


Moreover, your racist remarks towards Erica Badu and other black women are very offensive. If Erica Badu chooses to dress differently from the Western image of how a woman should dress, then she should be applauded for her effort, rather than looked-down on by the likes of you.


I ask, do u find Inspiration from Erica Badu or Lady Sahabas(Companions of the prophet) and other outstanding women of Islam


Blessed answered her saying,


Lets not disrespect each other..
after all our intention should only be to help each other achieve some good.

Alhamdulillah, which we are doing.

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Interesting posts. We need to remember that everyone is at a different level of Iman, some are at the 5 pillars of Islam while others are confident in the Science of Hadith. Let's be more tolerant and if someone says something wrong just point it out without more name calling.


I remember that at uni, after sep 11, there was this one Aisan brother who got a lot of grief, I remember ppl called him 'Osama' because he still wore his khamis & beard, folded trousers. Seeing him go about his business without being intimidated made me feel proud to be Muslim.


First and foremost you wear the Hijab to please Allah. After that it serves us with many other purposes as well, it reminds us that our body is temporary and we should focus on our souls. It serves to promote the religion of Allah, when people see you wearing it freely, they know you are Muslim and this might serve to challenge their views that women are opressed in Islam. Similarly, it's a living, breathing testemony of none has the right to be worshipped but Allah, so kind of like a living dawa. When I get on the tube on my journey home from work and see the annoyed look of some women it makes me smile, I must be doing something right. So the scarf does a lot more than limit the gazes of wandering eyes.

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In the name of Allaah the most beneficent the most merciful



The author of this article "Observations on Hijab" is unknown. It is however, thought to be written by a brother. Funny as it is, there are a number of lessons to be learnt...


It has been my personal observation that some Muslim girls and


do not realise the significance of hijab. Hijab is Arabic for

protection and cover.

Some people put a lot of effort into their hijab, yet it

serves no purpose.

I am referring to the pointless hijab that some girls wear.


The first pointless hijab is referred to as the headband hijab.

It is a band of fabric approximately 4 inches wide. It covers the back of

the head and allows all the hair to be exposed. It doesn't serve much

in terms of modesty, but at least it comes in handy in case of an

unexpected tennis match!


The second pointless hijab is the dupatta, also known as the Saran


hijab. It covers all the hair, but it is totally transparent. Again it

doesn't serve much in terms of modesty, but it keeps the hair nice

and fresh!


The third type of hijab is known as the Micky Mouse Hijab. It is

when a girl wears a black scarf and tucks it behind her ear, so that her

ears stick out!


We now move on to my favourites - the yo-yo hijabs:

The first yo-yo hijab is the scarf that keeps falling down and


to be constantly pulled back up.... up, down, up, down, just like a



The second yo-yo hijab is also referred to as the convertibe hijab.

This type of hijab is predominant at any type of social event, i.e. an

Aqeeqah, Bismillah party, Ameen party, wedding, etc. This is when

an Imam or Qari comes up to the microphone and starts to recite Qur'an. At

this point, all the convertible hijabs come up... until he says

"SadaqAllahu Atheem." I'm not sure, but apparently in some cultures that

translates to

"OK sisters, you may take off your scarves."


I'm sure this may seem odd, but what's even funnier is when people

do not

anticipate the recitation of Qur'an at a social event, and are

forced to be creative and use accessories such as a purse to cover one's

hair. I

was surprized to see a woman hold her purse over her head as


as if the multitudes of men surrounding her are not a good enough


to wear hijab, but some guy reciting du'a compels her to hold a


over her head. Her friends were more creative... one friend used


dinner napkin. I was also laughing when i saw the communal hijab-

two or more girls dropped under one dinner napkin during the recitation of

Qur'an. Her other friend was still more creative. She used her


saucer on the back of her head. I wasn't sure of it was hijab or


I didn't know if she was a Muslim or a Jew. I felt like going up to

her and saying "Shalom alaikum, sister."


And, people should remember that hijab is not just a protection

from guys, but from a girls' nafs (ego) as well. It should prevent girls

from having to spend hours in front of the mirror doing her hair. But,


unfortunately, you see girls in front of the mirror for hours doing

their hijab as they would do their hair, with all sorts of elaborate

braids and the like. I wanted to go up to a sister and say

"Is your hijab naturally curly?" I also felt compelled to go up to another girl and say

"Pardon me, but is your hijab naturally that colour, or did you dye it"?


Well the point is that some people make an effort to wear hijab,

but it is futile, because it is not fulfilling its purpose. It's like

using an umbrella with holes in it. Hijab is used for protection from guys

as well as from the girl herself, and should not be used as an accessory or

for beautifying one's self.


Truly in the heart there is a sadness that can not be removed

except with the happiness of knowing Allah and being true to Him. And in it

there is an emptiness that can not be filled except with love for Him and by

turning to him and always remembering Him And if a person were

given all

of the world and what is in it, it would not fill this emptiness."

- Ibn AlQayyim

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Worth noting,


,...until he says "SadaqAllahu Atheem." I'm not sure, but apparently in some cultures that translates to "OK sisters,
you may take off your scarves."

I say worth noting coz you see, we have a lot of us muslim children who don't know or comprehend ISLAM properly.Sadaqallahul cadhim..


Sadaqa Allahu 'l-Azim translates as "Allah Most Mighty has told the truth" and it is normally said after the recitation of the Qur'an in order to verbally verify what one has read to be the truth from Allah most High.However, it cannot be considered an etiquette or necessary to say it at all after one's recitation since the belief of it is in one's heart.


Likewise, if one wants to say it, it cannot be not considered a bid'a either

unless maybe if someone thinks of it to be necessary.


And Allah knows best.


Please go back to your ISLAM'C basics for you and your children. smile.gif

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