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A Yearning For Marriage?

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Isn't it about Time?



I started my life on the wrong foot, lost and drunk. I was aggressive and violent, never thinking twice to harm people and usurp their rights and properties. I cant think of an evil deed that I have not committed, I was so messed up to the point that most people who have known me avoided to deal with me in any capacity, I was looking at Mr. Bad Guy in the eye!


One day, I began yearning for Marriage, and specifically to have a daughter.


I was blessed with my wish, I was blessed with a precious daughter that I named Fatima.


I loved her too much, and the more she grew up, the more I found a purpose in life and as a result I regained some of my lost faith and it continued to improve with Fatima's growth. I slowly began controlling my evil intentions toward others, and my heart felt at comfort in goodwill for others, increasingly finding peace with myself.


One day little Fatima saw me with a glass of wine in my hand, she came close to me an removed it from my hand, and that was before she turned 2.


The more Fatima grew up, the more my ( Iman)Faith increased, and the more I approached my maker with a positive step forward, and the more I stopped my violations and transgressions on my own poor soul and others, up until Fatima turned 3 years old.


At her 3rd birthday, precious little Fatima suddenly died.


Out of sadness, and total lack of acceptance of this agony from my part, I reverted back to my old ways and heavy drinking with vengeance, up until one day my devil consoled me "Buddy, tonight you are going to drink to get so drunk that you will forget all about your problems".


So, to feel good, I began to drink, and stayed up all night drinking and drinking, until I fell asleep amid an ocean of nightmares until I saw that special dream.


I saw myself resurrected in the day of judgment, the sun lost its glowing luster, turning dark, the oceans were aflame, the earth was trembling beneath my feet in fury, and all of mankind were resurrected on a single grounds in groups.


I could hear names being called "X" son of "Y", its your turn to be accounted for your deeds by your Maker ( Jabbar)"


When a person is called, I could see that persons face turning so dark in fear of his fate after the judgment. The procession continued, One after the other, names were called until my name was called.


Suddenly, I found myself all alone, as if all the people around me were deleted from the picture set, as if I was the only person on judgment that day.


Then I saw a huge powerful snake opening its mouth and creeping fast towards me. Upon seeing it, I began running for my life till i came across a feeble old man.


"Oh please, save me from this snake" I pleaded with him. The old man replied " my son, I am weak, I can't help you, run toward that direction, may be you will be saved"


So, I ran toward the direction that he pointed at, but instead ran into a scorching fire to my face.


I found myself in a predicament, should I throw myself in the fire to scape the snake? No, that would be worse, so I ran back toward the old weak man again, still being chased by the snake.


"for the sake of Allah, please save me" I pleaded with the old feeble man.


The old man seeing my predicament and his inability to help me, cried out of kindness.


" son" he whispered, " I cant do anything, but you can try that other direction toward the mountain, you might be saved".


I hurriedly ran toward the mountain and as I got closer and closer to the mountain, I saw little children on top of mountain and I began hearing their loud voices shouting " Fatima, Fatima, its your father, rescue him"


I immediately realized that she was my daughter, and I became very happy, my little Fatima who died at age 3 is going to save me!.


I was horrified, feeling like I was dead out of fear, as the snake almost approached me, but Little Fatima took me by her right hand, and pushed the snake away with her left hand, then she jumped and sat on my lap like she used to do when alive.


"papa" she said, "Isn't about time for believers hearts to succumb to the awe of Allah's remembrance ( Dhiker )"


"My little daughter" I asked, "tell me about this snake"


"its your evil deeds, dad" she said, " and you have even grown them much bigger to the point that it could have eaten you"


"Daddy" she continued," don't you know that our deeds in the worldly life will catch up with us after death and they will be impersonated (like snake) in the day of Judgment"



"And the old man?" I asked.


"he was an impersonation of your good deeds" she answered. " you have weakened him to the point that he couldn't be of any help to you when you needed him most and you made him cry for your predicament"


Fatima continued "If I was not born for you, and if I did not die as a child, you wouldn't have anyone left to save you"



Then I woke up, crying " Yes, Yes Its about time, O my Lord"


I took a shower, and walked to the Mosque for the Morning Prayer seeking to repent and reproach my maker.


As I entered the Masjid ( Mosque), The Imam was leading the Morning prayer reading the same verse:


"Has not the time come for the hearts of those who believe to be affected by Allah's Reminder (this Qur'an), and that which has been revealed of the truth, lest they become as those who received the Scripture [the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel)] before (i.e. Jews and Christians), and the term was prolonged for them and so their hearts were hardened? And many of them were Fasiqun (rebellious, disobedient to Allah).



That man was Malik Ibn Dinar



One of the most learned Scholars of the Second generation of Islam ( Taabiciin)



Translation, courtesy of : eNuri Transemantics


2010 eNuri Softwaano Series

Iron was meant to corrode, not our inner perception




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A beautiful reminder! I missed your writings, br. Nur. I just came back from a trip to the mountains that had a revival effect on my heart, and seeing this (after a long break from SOL) was a bonus, alhamdulilah. May Allah reward you and protect you for your continued efforts of dacwa on these boards.

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Shawqi Bro.


A Great name, Showqi and Mutanabbi are two of my favorite poets of all time. But, the crown of poets is Abul Cataahiya, the poems of wisdom and Zuhd.



Malika sis, True sis, Allah is indeed Merciful.


Haneefa sis


Great to have you back, Jazakillahu Kheiran for your duaa, I hope that you enlighten us this Ramadan, and share with us the wilderness wisdom ( was that Mountain in Pennsylvania?)




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walaalayaal ;


aqoonyahan waxaa lagu gartaa :


- marka la yiraahdo Quran akhriso .. waxaad moodi


caruur la yiri buskud iyo macmacaan hooya ..


nin culimo ah oo la yiri waxan oo hadal iyo


tafkiir lagaagama baahna ee Quran akhri ..



- Quran'ka markuu akhriyay , waxaa ku qoran


Quran&Xadith'ba "fadliga guuraka" ,kii


aqoonayahan ahaa wuu qosqoslay sida ilmo yar oo


la yiri "hooyo kokola hooda !"






* some say marriage is a preiview

of paradise ..

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