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Spooky Thread: What you cant see can harm you...

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Salam calaykum.


As a layman I have heard out of curiosity via listening to lectures that human beings can be threatened with harmful experience from unseen creatures such as jinns, evil eye, magic and sorcery :eek:


Undoubtably there are individuals (even in somalia dare I say) who specialise in the aforementioned practices in order to cause malicious harm and to de-stabilise someone's life out of jealousy and xaasidnimo.


Everything which is a blessing is often an object of jealousy. For example, material posessions, having a nice patner (say a wife) and physical appearances or children etc. Furthermore, I ascertained from my investigations that if someones evil eye catchs someone else it might cause that person spiritual and/or physical unrest or nil-effect.


To cut a long story short I just wanted to enquire did any of the nomads experience or heard of any spooky stories regarding jinns, evil eye and magic which caused someone to be sick or gone abit pear-shaped or had nil effect??


P.S. My family appear to recall that some next door neighbours back in somalia use to slaughter chickens and throw it out to the garden of the house :eek: waa dad cajiib badan :mad:


P.S. Even this Blaine guy works with jinns i guess or else how can he be in a box for 40 days unless its all an illusion.


My apologies for scaring anyone ;)


Peace out, Mujahid...

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Mujahid broda, I never came across Jini (al hamdulilah) but when it comes to Jin i am big chicken! Even though you picked a good timing to shed light on this topic "they all chained up" and about Blaine I am sure of it!!! Blaine uses Jin in his so called Magic there is no other explanation for what he does!

They also say Magic and Jin are quite popular in Arab countries as well as western i.e. Oman, Morocco

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Salamu Alaikum my main man Mujahid,


Very spooky indeed. With not great pleasurable rememberance, i recall attending couple jini saarid sessions years bac-- last one being here in London.


It is quire frightening experiance to begin with, but as time goes past one developes what I can almost say joy to see these creatures to be shaken off thier host victim. The process is called Quraan Saarid, it must be said, it is only effective if the reciter/s is pious person/s- now you can imagine my utter frustration after long night of rication of the Quran without no avail.


I remember one night vididly etched into my memory that sometimes, i feel abashed to recount; a neigbour of ours was sick. She had been allegedly possesed by Jin (acuudu Bilaah), to my ill-delight we all went to her house which was not that far away from my humble abode, armed with our holy books (being young and impressionable I thought after great practice of self-restraint and recitation of the Quran the concatination of events would lead me to be strong but wait the result my fellow). We came to the room where the young lady was; she was tighed up to deter inducement of anyself harm. We (the group of young men in the area who were thought to be pious-- excluding myself here) untied her with the presence of her muxrim-- in matter of fact, her muxrim untied her. After releasing her, she had become ultra-violent. She directed abuse towards towards the man who was leading the brigade. Expectedly, he was not impressed. Her foul language was utterly astonishing considering how cultured this young lady was, she was indeed the envy of all those who lived in the area. She was practicing as a nurse (her age only being 17), kept a pharmacy, memorised the Quran and was asthetically pleasing to the gazing eye--- in that night no eyed were gazed towards her illuminating figure and correctly so.


After retraining her, we commenced to read the Quran unto her with no affect whatsoever. Then we continued and continued till we all nearly fell with over fetigue. At time time, to our great pleasure, A sheikh with a reknown piety came in. As he put his feet in to the room, the girl sat down, and shyness came over her. She regained her original persona. An embecable smile with great shy edge to it surfecaded. Though the expression of her face was that of oblivion to what these men were doing her room. She said, with enquiring tone, what is happening here? by then we all knew the Jin was got rid off. Quite pleasedwith ourselves, we left the house. The Sheikh remained and read Quran to her.


When he left, the Jin came back. This time, it was about 10pm in the evening, and almost everyone who was amongst the original group had either went to bed or pursued other activiteis thus three chaps were summoned, amongst them was Mr Sophist. This time she was in her parents bed room, when she saw us with great surprise, she begun laughing. We all sat down to recite the Quran and her laugter increased. Then the macalim (an elederly man who taught quran in the local madrasa/malcaamad/dugsi) began to talk to the possessd lady. She said, you can carry on reading the Quran, you guys can not burn me. When asked where he went earlier (the voice had deep tone to it) he said, he just went to the fooqa fiyaaraha of the room when Adan Wali (that is the name of the Sheekh) came to the room. He said; that man is forceful and he is the only one I am afraid of. Don't bring him again: This illustrares how foolish the Jin is. He should have kept us in the dark, and we would in frustration left him alone to torture more that poor girl, but Allah had other plans.


Anyhow, to cut rather a long spooky story short, Adam weli was summoned again. He spoke to creatures. And with the grace of Allah they become Muslims and left the young lady alone.


This is one of the many stories which I had the displeasure (though at the time, I draw intense pleasure-- no idea why, being a lad will lead you to lucious things;; or things that seem that way anyhow).




Iftaar wanaagsan.



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Sophist....wat were yu doing in Jin Tun session...I thought it was granma's only event.


Well, i used to hear about colonies of Jin living near Bososa. The reer bari folks say that you would hear all kinds of noises, engines of cars roaring,but will never see a soul. I also heard stories of men being lured by Jin in Marka n Berbera. I don't know if there is any truth to this though, i guess it is da story of over imaginatative youngster,but Somalis do use black magic to take care those whom they envy. Anyone from Beledweyne would know Baxaaris sending crocodiles to trap girls in the river. Nomadic herders use Fal to predict things, and even warlods and politicians turn to black magic. N i also heard stories of taxi drivers in mogadisho recalling having a female passengers that look human, but had donkey legs. I think this one was simply urban folktale.

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My grandfather had the perfet remedy for women infected



by jinn and shayatin.

Instead of jin tun

and drum beating

and perfumes

and hefty payments to sheiks

he would take out a whip and whip out the offending miscreant jinn who was unfortunate enough to mistake his wife daughter cousin for a receptacle.


It was 100% effective

Very cheap

and lasted exactly 2.2 min for the woman....i mean jinn to get the message.



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Che-Guevara Mate, this was not saar or anything that is remotely close to it. It was a practice developed by young brotherhood muslims back in the olden days-- years had since elapsed. Anyhow, haven't you read my story (I have translated from Somali to English) about a young Ergovian (ceergaabaawi) young chap with the name of Xasan Olol (who just happens to be a distant great uncle)!? I think it is jolly good story.

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I personally had a few wired experiences but I don’t even know where to start.

My aunt does some of these practices. This aunt right she once told my mum the reasons I get headaches is because I have a (ruh- not sure of spelling but means jinn basically) following me. Now that is scary I don’t even want to believe her.

My friend once told me that her father reads of the Quran backwards, that’s how he does his magic.

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Acudu Billahi Mina Shaydaani Rajiiiiim!



hmm, Alhamdulillah, i have never had any personal experience with jins, Alhamdulillah.


someone said they find jins scary, ,,,,never ever fear a jin, they thrive on that fear. I believe that as long as u read your adkaar(du'as) u will be safeguarded by Allah from then, and indeed Allahu-Akbar.



Sophist, MashaAllah i really like your style of writing, i saw it come under scrutiny on another thread. this being the first oppertunity i have had to see it in action, i like it!



i know i said i never seen jins etc, but i watched that film,,,,(4got the name),, the one where the lil girl has a jin possess her body, and it refuses to leave her. the demon spoke like a man, and had all the signs of a jin. i found the film real educational, though my cousin was wetting her pants and the other was bored out her brains. (3 extremist-weirdos!)

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Silent Sistah, thanks for the compliment walaalo.


Here is the taster of what the encounter of salacious jin would do to any red blooded man:



This is a short story (apparently it is true, or so was I told). It is translated from Somali to

English. in either case, (whether true or fiction) I find it very imaginative and fascinating, perhaps I should share it with you:-----





Sheeko: Hassan Olol and His Jinni bride


I was a teenage boy of 18 years old. My family, pastoral, lived small town called Jidali in the Far

North East Somalia near the Red Sea. At that time, young people of my age were flowing in to

the coastal towns in their thousands in search of jobs. Coastal towns, unlike their counterparts

in the hinterland, had relatively boom economies due mainly to the export/import trade so they

became attracted to young people from the rural areas. I thought I was old enough to join the

influx. I easily got the blessings of my parents, and was ready to hit the road pretty soon.

I decided to go to Berbera, a major port town on the Red Sea, where menial jobs were so

abundant. Because

there were no transportation services available, I had to go on foot. I set off on a dawn taking

with me water and some food to eat on the way. In late afternoon while trekking along the

sea, I saw a beautiful girl swimming in the sea alone. She was around my age, with a darkish

hair, exquisite eyes and slender body. She was the kind of girl one would find almighty

irresistible to ask out on a date, she was thoroughly alluring. I stopped, looked around, saw

nobody else and released a long, low whistle indicating how pleased I was. I immediately went

towards her.


Oow Allah! I thought, as I walked through the shallow and trite water. This is going to be one

hell of an afternoon. She seemed to be in a mood for a bloodstained showdown. Anyway, I put

on my voluptuous smile and advanced towards her. As I approached her I noticed that she was

exceptionally and principally beautiful. She started moving away a bit without the slightest hint

of fear though.


"Stay away from me" she warned, her eyes almost out of their sockets, her face viciously

twisted in a wolfish frown. I didn't give a damn about her warning. It in fact reminded me the

popular proverb which said "women say no when they mean yes" I blindly made for her in an

overoptimistic mood.

She grabbed me by the neck and immersed me deep in the water, keeping me there for a while.

Her grip had such power that I thought it was man's, but since there was nobody else except

the two of us, I came to the embarrassing conclusion that I was being overpowered by a

woman: something I had never thought possible. She released me. I threw myself upwards in

utter desperation, gasping for air. For a minute or so I was too dizzy.

"Don't try anything ****** " She snapped, keeping her eyes on my next move.



Recovering the initial shock, I jumped at her finding outrageously unacceptable to be defeated

by a woman. She dodged and was once again attacking at my throat. She blocked the windpipe

and heaved my body to the bottom of the ocean. The experience was terrifying beyond

narration and description. Luckily, she dismissed me again. I instantaneously swum towards the

shore without even looking back. "adiguba caqlaad leedahee carar maxaa dhaama".Fleeing

was the wisest thing to do, otherwise she would have drowned me. She was in a mood to

tame an alligator!! My anticipation of a wonderful afternoon turned in to traumatically shocking,

near-death experience.

I was 3 or 4 km away when I first looked back. She was putting on her clothes. No sooner had I

turned around than I saw her beside me. I quickly looked back to make sure she wasn't the girl

who, seconds ago, was 3 km away from me. I was terrified to the last degree to learn that it

was indeed her. I looked at her, then back at the spot where she had been, then back at her,

being unable to believe her fastness! "What is wrong with you" she said, smiling brightly with

her intoxicating lips and glistening teeth. "You look as if you saw a ghost" If what I am seeing is

not a ghost I thought, then it must at least be as fast as one. Considering her portentous

power in the Sea, coupled with her astonishingly lightning-like speed, there was no doubt in my

mind that she was a rather unique creature!


"Please leave me alone" I said curtly, not wanting to associate with her. "Listen" she said,

softening her voice "What happened has happened. Be a man enough and get it over " "Please

leave me alone" I repeated with my voice turning rather a afflicted sort of muttering with a pain.


"Look" she said, slowing down and looking at me seriously. Her expression soothing with a bit

of grimacing twist added to it probably to score a point. "You attacked me, and I defended

myself. It was you who was on the offensive, not me. Why can't you forget the whole thing" I

was on the offensive, I thought, a valid point in her favour, What an intelligent defence

mechanism I thought. Now I started to cool down. By the way I didn't know why I was angry to

begin with,. Maliciously attack someone and then get mad at them afterwards. Does that make

sense? May be I was mad because she overpowered me in the sea and the fact that she was a

lady make everything so startling!


"Where are you going to" she asked.

"Berbera" I said.

"Me too" she replied.


"Yes I am serious" she responded without a hesitant.


She told me her name, which was Zahra. We conversed along the way and I must admit, I was

being transfixed by her beauty by the minute despite my inopportune or shall I say

embarrassing encounter with her earlier. Her extraordinary fastness was quite nerve-racking

too. There is no denying about that. But in spite of that, there was something about her that

made me calm down and see her again in a romantic eye.


As dusk started to set in she said that she had relations living nearby from whom we could get

something to eat and a place to sleep. "Great" I blurted out. Earlier she had told me that she

ran out of her Sahay (The food travellers take with them) which meant she would share mine

with me. My Sahay was barely sufficient for me: if I shared it with her I was sure we would

starve to death. consequently this suggestion of hers was most needed.


Her relations, as it turned out, were many families living in a sort of settlement. A large flock of

gaots and sheep were being driven in to kraals after having been grazing all day. There were

no any visible lamps, yet everywhere was illuminated brightly. There were people milling around

everywhere. Their clothes were very fashionable: in fact too fashionable for a typical pastoral

lifestyle. Their houses were exceptionally good with modern designs, which I had never seen

before. In a word, their material wealth was beyond my imagination! People, mostly kids,

swarmed around me shouting "She brought a human. She brought a human" To be honest, the

mention of "human" didn't ring a bell in my mind. I just thought that their clan had had a

vendetta against my clan, which literally scared me rather


At any rate, Zahra came and took me to a veranda full of men. In an armchair in the middle of

the verandah sat a stocky man around his forties, with athletically built body. He had piercing

eyes, which, coupled with his bushy moustache, were the only noticeable facial characteristics

he had. To be fair with him though, he had an air of gentlemanly and aristocratic behaviour. He

was, as I was to be told, their chief. People called him a "Lion"


Oow Allah ! I thought, what a matching name!


"How are you Hasan, take a seat" he said, stretching his fat hand for a handshake. I was really

surprised by the fact that he uttered my name without being told in advance. It in fact, in a

sense, proved my suspicion that I was in an enemy territory. I was now convinced that the girl

played trick on me to hand me to her clansmen who, as I thought, were at war with my clan. "

Then I thought she can not belong that tribe because she was far beautiful". May be I wanted

to believe this.


"You don't seem to know "Lion said, as he adjusted his sitting position. His bulky creaking the

wooden chair. "but we are Aliens "What" I blurted out, blinking and not being abled to believe

his utterances .Zahra, who was sitting beside me, took over. "Yes we are Aliens" she confirmed,

patting my hand in a bid to alleviate the shock. "I lied to him to bring him here" she continued,

now talking to her fellow Aliens. "Because I fell in love with him, and I want to marry him"


My mind became momentarily too numb to process what was going on. I just stared at them in

disbelief. I was, all of a sudden, in a new, unbelievable reality. "Look" I said, then my mind went

blank. I couldn't say anything further except fixedly staring at them. Zahra took over. "I know

this is too much for you to digest at the moment, but yes you are in a different World " she said,

still patting my hand.


The fact that I was seeing Aliens scared me to death. Several minutes passed by without

anyone saying a word, probably to give me some time to think about this otherwise imaginary

reality: an imaginary reality which would take for ages to come to terms with. But how come I

see you guys, I thought. This can't be true.


"The reason why you can see us is because you are in our World, not the human World

anymore "Lion answered, as if he was reading my mind. Apart from the fact that they lived in a

fancy lifestyle, there was nothing extraordinary about them, especially their looks, that could

make me think that they were Aliens.


"As bizarre as it may sound, you are with Aliens" Lion continued his discourse. He was being

memoir. Judging from his expression, I could see that he was serious: dead serious.

Somewhere at the back in my mind his speech started to make sense, not because I was so

effortlessly convinced that they were indeed Aliens--although I was being stirred by the minute

I have to admit, but because I could get along with them. Before he wrapped up his discourse

he asked me if I was interested in the marriage proposal.


I hesitated for a while, but my reply ultimately came out as emphatic "yes" I knew that by

accepting the offer I had nothing to lose and everything to gain: a beautiful doll I had never

daydreamed about was on offer without any prerequisite. Besides, I was told that I was under

no obligation financially. That was too good an opportunity to decline. I had heard of enough

Alien stories to know that anyone who associated with them would be materially rich. This, per

se, was too tempting to be declined too. So it was my considered decision to say "yes". As long

as I could live with them in their present form, I didn't have much of a problem with their being



"Okey" lion said. He introduced me a heavily bearded, much older man sitting beside him who

he called Sheekh Abdulahi. This Sheikh seemed to be rather domineering figure in this

inexplicable community. The two of them were to delegate us to perform the wedding. The

wedding and the wedding ceremony were to held on that very night. Needless to say, it was

fine with me. In a matter of minutes a new house was built in front of the verandah. I was

really flabbergasted by their dexterity. Even more astonishing was the fact that in fifteen

minutes or so I was in my new home with my new bride and being served with specially

prepared foods by invisible beings. All I could see was plates and dishes fully laden with every

imaginable foods coming in and arranging themselves orderly on a table!


"Who on earth is carrying these dishes " I exclaimed, frightened.


"Don't worry gacaliye " dear soulmate" Zahra responded, smiling."This is our own way of

enchanting human guests"


I am easily impressed by a show of wealth. This time I wasn't different. Man! I said to my self,

are you in your golden age! You could say I was!


My wife was known "the Bird" because she took the form of bird. Everybody had two names;

his/her maiden name and another name derived from the animal his form he/she took of. This is

why the chief was called the "lion" He sometimes took the form of lion. "Scary one might

though, but this become customary in time"by the way, after a while my wife became pregnant,

The funny thing was that I didn't have to take care of her financially; they were far too rich.

From dawn to dusk my wife existed in the form of bird, and was away all day. She took a human

form from dusk

onward. Usually I had a mat, matress and pillows arranged orderly under a huge shadowy tree,

where I was fed on a regular basis.In a word, I was treated like a king, it was too good to be

true, I asked myself, Am I dreaming while I am in Jidali valley?!


One dusk when I returned home I found my wife lying on the bed; quite atypical. "I gave birth"

she greeted me. "Great" I said, coming over to her side. "Show me" She stripped a sheet that

had covered the other side of the bed. There appeared seven newly-born babies! I was

overcome by amazement. Power drained out of my legs, and I went down as a result in a daze,

my hands being on my head. I said "I take the refuge of God against satan" This is a koranic

expression and it is pronounced as follows:

Acuudu bilaahi mina sheydaani rajiim.


As soon as I said that my World (call it imaginary if you so wish:)) disappeared in to vapour.

Instead, I found myself crouching on a barren rock, hands still on my head. I could not

distinguish whether I had been dreaming in the first place and now woke up, or had been in a

real, waking life and was now dreaming of being on this rock. My mind went a complete

standstill so I couldn't distinguish facts from fiction. As wacky as it may sound though, I was not

dreaming of being on that rock, nor had I been in having that envious lifestyle: both situations

were real!!


Surely but slowly, the darkness gave way to dim illumination which, in turn, changed in to the

cosy, snuggling house I was in few minutes ago! In front of me was now my mother-in law and

my wife, who was sobbing.


"Why did you say that expression" my mother-in law said furiously" In doing so, You hurt my

daughter badly" This Alien community was Muslim.

They were pious and frequently read the Koran. Thus they always said the expression. "How

come you say it but I can't" I asked, puzzled. "We can, but humans can't while being with us. If

they say it we can no longer live together. Also it hurts us very badly" she explained, still

indignant. "I am sorry, I didn't know that" I said "I offered my apologises"


Slowly they calmed down. I was warned not to say that expression ever

again especially while being with them, otherwise I would see the last of

them. I habitually say the expression whenever I am absolutely astonished. I even don't notice

when I am about to say it. I just say it automatically: it is a natural reaction that I can't control.

So when I promised not to say it ever again I wasn't too sure whether I would keep that

promise. Oow May Allah! I thought, don't surprise me to this degree if you want me to keep the



At any rate, that episode passed peacefully and things got normal

afterwards. A while later I decided I wanted to visit my parents (call them my parents in Planet

Earth if you like :)My Alien in-laws gave me so many gifts to them. However, my parents were

not to be told that I had had an Alien family, which meant that I had to make them believe that

I had been working hard in Berbera and bought these presents for them. My father was never

convinced. " he was a well known leader of my clan, people use to call him the wise man of

Ergavo, a man like him was too adamantine to induce to this sitiutation. He had stubbornly

clung to the belief that I had stolen them. Because of that he wanted to keep clear of them. As

he was a clan chief so protecting his reputation was of paramount importance

to him


"I am a man of character. I don't want my name smeared by this loot" He said to mom. "Keep

them untill their rightful owner comes" he added. I told him over and over again that nobody

would claim them but he, unlike my mom, who believed in me right away, remained

unconvinced. I felt bad about the fact that these presents, so badly needed by the family, were


be kept indefinitely. Feeling sorry was all I could do: nothing more. I told them I had to return to

my work in Berbera and left for my Alien



After a while my wife got pregnant, and subsequently gave birth to seven more babies. Now I

wasn't surprised one bit: I became aware of the birth patterns of Alien women. Believe it or not

I had now 14 kids at the age of twenty " something which is rather bizarre in Human Earth"

Later, I decided to go to Yemen. I was seen off and wished well. Life in Yemen absorbed me. I

found myself staying there for several perpetual years. One afternoon, while chewing

Qaad(stimulant twigs that are used in

> East Africa and South Eastern Arabia) with friends, a lady, after quickly changing from a

bird-like figure to a human form, appeared in the doorway. My friends looked at her with a fixed

stare, being stunned by her beauty. Guess who? She was my wife Zahra. I suddenly felt guilty

for being away from her and the kids so long. I thought she would get mad at me for that.



"Hasan, I am here to tell you that your oldest daughter has been

betrothed, and you are wanted for that reason......."

"My seven years old daughter" I blurted out, astounded to the last degree. "Itake the refuge of

God against satan" (Acuudu bilaahi mina sheydaani

rajiim) She abruptly disappeared from view, and I immediately realised why: I said the

expression I was warned not to say while being with them. I waited in vain for her to come

back and be excused. She did not come back to this day. Although I learned many aspects of

Alien culture while I was with them, I had never seen a female being married at the age of

seven. So, needless to say, I was so taken aback to be told that my seven years old daughter

was to be married.


There I was, lost in the streets of Eden .I have lost 14 kids and their mother to entirely different

beings. Man! I said to my self, they are gone for good.


You had better forget them. The question arises Can I? Answer is an obvious one, every parent

knows it! it is big NO NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO, NO,NO,




NB: This is a real story. The full name of the lead character is Hasan Olol Jama. He lived in a

small town called Jidali, near Eragavo North East of Somalia. I did saw this gentleman 1991 and

he himself told me the story. It was rather stimulating. I have also, saw one of the men who

saw the lady in Yeman while they chewinng Qaad with Hassan. He verified and swore to the

Allah's name that he saw lady and when mr Hassan said A'du billah, she promptly vanished

their sight.

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I too had seen jin, a neighbor had it and I vaguely remember wadaads beating the girl with belts and reading the Quran loud. It was very strange experience, how can someone talk and demand things but its not really them talking but it is the jin. Apparently, a guy liked the girl and he went in to her as a jin, however after few days of Quran and beating the jin left and the girl turn out fine. The jin use to try to intimidate the family, he would say things like "i will kill you all tonight" but nothing happened lol.



Muja garasiyas

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i guess for me i havent had such expirence, but i Know that Black magic exists, even our Prohpet Muhamed (SAW) aknowledged this, but warned us not to beilve in it, or practise it.


So for me i think i will remain in a state of ignorance on this one smile.gif

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