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"Read this my People, i wanna to share this with my people who i love and care for..."





Meditation in God is my capital


Reason and Sound logic is the root of my religion

Love is the foundation of my existence

Enthusiasiam is the vehicle of my life

Comtemplation of God is my companion

Faith is the source of my power

Sorrow is my friend

Knowledge is my weapon

Patience is my garb and virtue

Submission to devine will is my pride

Truth is my salvation

Worship is my habit

And in prayer lies the coolness of my eye and the peace of my mind.







A Muslim Woman


She conceals her beauty

Obstructs the radiance from seeping through

Cloaks her seductivity

Refuses to submit to the wordly desires

Preserves her atractiveness and charm

Protects the diamond within

She is left savorless




Yet she remains veiled.

She is ridicled by prejudice

Mocked by displayed beauty

Taunted by the devil.

It shatters her patience

Lowers her self esteem

But only for a split of a second.

She remains veiled.

Its strange


Yet marvelous

It's faith.





A Book that is full of answers,

A Book that makes you cry.

A Book that makes you notice,

How much harder you can try.

A Book that makes you realize,

What true love really is...

A Book that gives you direction,

for all of life’s tough biz.

A Book that gives you hope,

that Someone somewhere’s watching over you.

A Book that helps you out,

Through all the times your blue.

A Book that was revealed to our beloved Prophet(SAWS),

over a period of 23 years

Once you put faith into this Book,

You can handle worldly fears.

A gift sent down from Heaven,

A treasure from above,

Written proof that shows us

How blessed we are with Allah(SWT’s) love!

I am Malaysian Pakistani and Somali and Arab:

I am Turk and Irani and native of the Maldives:

My home is in Paris, Berlin, London;

in Mexico City, Port-of-Spain, Durban;

in Karachi, Zagazig or Kuala Lumpur,

I am as at home sailing in a lateen

rigged baggala along the red-rock Oman

shores bound for Socotra's island as I

am crossing the Khyber Pass in a camel

caravan...or driving a Mercedes taxi

in Istanbul.

Na'am, aiwa, acha, kha,

I am your brother, Adam.

You will know me in the mosques when

I stand shoulder to shoulder with you

and wish you peace when prayer is done:

and you may see me in Isfahan talking with

a miniature painter or in Dera Ismail Khan

listening to a young and vocal teacher of

Urdu or in Medan listening to a old man

chanting the Quran or in Sacramento listening

to a college boy who has all the problems

of the universe solved.

You will know me becuase I am your brother

and in a real and forceful sense I am

a part of you, dependent on you as you are

dependent on rocks in a city wall...

round as the ancient wall of Baghdad.

I am Egyption and Tunisian and Syrian:

I am Berber and Kurd; Fulani and Nausherwani

and Pawenda;

I am Maliki, Hanafi, Hanbali, and Shafii:

all these I am, for I am your brother

standing besides you in the mosque waiting

for the iqama...white-garbed in the plain

of Arafat...fasting with you in Ramadan.

I am at home in the black tents of the bedu

and the tall buildings of Hadhramaut...;

I am always lingering at the Great Mosque

to circle the Kaaba and to kiss the hajr

al-aswad and drink from the well of Zamzam;

and I am standing, too, in the Haraam ash-sharif

in Jerusalem and in Karbala...and all of them,

each of them, has meaning on meaning for me.

Na'am ya habibi, ya azizi, ya akhi,

I am your brother Adam.

You will know me when you see me

becuase I wll be fingering my beads

and you will know well what this means...


You will know me and I will know you

for we are real brothers; and I am of

one place as I am of much a

part of one as the other; the lover

of all lands where I can listen to the

call of the muezzin coming over the night,

or hear the beat of a single Muslim heart.



Peace & Love

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MashaAllah I really loved reading that, May Allah reward you for making us read something so beautiful yet soo touching.


Masalama & Jezekelah Kheeran

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Two words describe what you write


beautiful and uplifting


BTW... I would love for you to write me a few poems, or at least help me out with expressing my own feelings into beautiful lyrics as well.


I especially love "Faith"

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