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Do you Know me?

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I may be your neighbor, behind you in the checkout lane, passing you on the highway or sitting next to you at the Movie Theater.


You might see me and think of me as being an Arab, an Indian, or something you have not imagined before. That is ok for we are all one in the same, not one greater then the other.


Who am I you may ask, I am a Muslim Woman. You do not know me to recognize me when you see me. You only see my veil, which blinds you as to who I am. It is time to look pass the veil and see that we are not the aliens you think we are. We are healers, educators, leaders, care givers as well as wives, mothers, daughters, sisters and aunts. We suffer, bleed, cry, have remorse, mourn, complain, celebrate, rejoice, love, laugh, have dreams of hope and peace.


Do you know me? I may be in the next aisle, in the seat next to you on the plane, in line at the DMV or waiting in the doctor’s office. You might see me and think of me as being a terrorist, extremist, or non-believer of God. That is ok, for it is my duty as a Muslim to spread the truth about what is being misconstrued. You are given incorrect information, which misguides you as to who I am. It is time to recognize the truth. We submit ourselves to One Creator and One alone, and that Muhammad is the Prophet Peace and blessing be upon him, We pray five times a day as to keep our hearts, minds and souls full of God’s grace and remembrance. We fast during the month of Ramadhan as to cleanse ourselves. We journey to Makkah, to fulfill our need to return to our roots. We give zakat, as to help the less fortunate. We pray for hope and peace.


Do you know who I am? I hope that when you see a Muslim woman you will remember this story and know who I am. Peace and blessing be upon you.

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Qac Qaac   

woow, Muslim woman, what else can u, they are symbol os Muslims. they are the mothers, the daughters as u said. we Muslim man just have to see and recognize that.


Muslim woman, the most clean. the most pious. woow.

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