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Deeq A.

Welcome to the new Camel Milk Threads

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LST, fadlan la soco poll'ka waan isu codeeyee. Although the way the questions are framed is not bias-free. Light-hearted is the key word. This will make people go to past behaviours and think it must be another joke of mine. Also, you carefully put the word evil in the second choice, so that people who would have thought it is wrong don't vote for it, because they don't think it is evil.

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Mr. Admin, I just want you to know I got sent an offline msg letting me know that my AGE is now exposed under my nick. How dare you expose a lady like that? I would have been OK with this expose', if I was still enjoying my youthful years but they're long behind me and I would appreciate some discretion!


Other than that, thanks to the good Samaritan who sent me my login and password via email because this complex workaround to get re-instated is challenging from the looks of it!


My advice:


- Place second add banner at the top at the bottom. I can hardly see the forum unless I scroll down and its off-putting when you log in first.


- Admin, you need some lessons in colour coordination my friend - ask the wifey. Some of the stuff is too bright.


- And yes, bring the tagline back [giving the nomads their piece of the net]...

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Al-Haji AbtigiisTolka wrote:

Even Ayoub is my firend. Markaa please correct that as well.

Usheeg yaa sahbi, even me of all people.





*Is Ismahaan staring at me in a funny way? Alla maxay weynaatay, mash'allah!*

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Two things really.


1. I want to be able click on the last post in a thread from 'Today's Active Posts'


2. Please fit the content into screen (less scrolling down on every page).


Other than that, all good.

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sheherazade;680465 wrote:
I almost don't want JB to find the smileys again(mwahaha) laakin waan ka naxaya. :mad:


Click on Forum Actions--->General Settings


almost at the very bottom of the page you will see:


Miscellaneous Options

Message Editor Interface:


* Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing

* Basic Editor - A simple text box

* Standard Editor - Extra formatting controls


I chose the Enhanced Interface.


You also have to be in Advanced mode when you want to see the smileys laid out when replying.


Thank you Sheh ,,, now that helps a lot

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Ngonge carab you know without glasses inaan waxba arkin


I stand to be corrected and offer unreserved apology to mohamed cago-dahab:)


to show good will, i even voted for Admin to amend this great injustice

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