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help Rudy out!!

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Nope! i dont need help with my English, however, i got a project due tomorrow... heres my project!


I have 5 servers in AD forest! what I need to do is to comeup with Disaster Recovery plan-- i.e., 3 levels deep! unless th planet disappears from the universe, these server must stay up with no DOWN TIME!! THESE ARE MISSION CRITICAL SERVERS!!


I do have some ideas! but I need to bounce this around and see if i get other +ve feedbacks!


shot if u got any ideas!! mucho graasiyoos.

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Here is website where u can get free programs, advice and help... enjoy it.

next link digital stuff:


next link: cnet courses


Its April... College/Uni students graduating plz do not forget to sign 4 apprenteeship programs!


you might work couple of months for free! but it will give u life time help. it basically, will eliminate that nagging q's that establishment tries to throw at you " YOU DONT HAVE EXPERIENCE"



I started doing this program while i was a juinor. i never had to fillout an dog-gone application yet...! i just get connections from the ppl i met in this program. i am now on my 3rd company and got it all through the connections that i made via associates that i have met thru this program. Remember, most of us do not have a spoon in their mouth when we get out of college!!


take advantage of it...! its cool.

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