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body piercing

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hi all

Is it xaraam to have a piercing in your body? such as ones in ear, nose, tongue and in the navel?

can you pray while u are wearing it?

especialy in your tongue and nose?? :confused: :confused:

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What i do know is piercing is not Haram it is considered an adornment to females.Piercing of the nose and ears have been known historically.About the other parts i have no knowledge.The Haram part is showing your bodily ornaments to men other than those who are allowed to see your beauty..So it is adviced to beautify urself in your own house.


Another thing to be cautious is infections like AIDS,Hepatitis can be transmitted.


Praying while wearing a stud in ur mouth i dont know really but logically it affects the phonation when you speak.In prayer u speak with Allah and read the Quran n has been adviced to read it in a beautiful way.

Allah knows better. Thats my fifty cents on this topic.

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