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yo cuz, 50 an dat monkey lookin freak ja aint even on tha same page :eek: , 50 is gonna be hott for a long time, an for ja.. dat nigga is a lost cause..

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I dunno bout anyone being ****** because of their opinions on 50/ja, but i'm smart enough to not choose either.

in my opnion they both fake *** n!ggas. i can care less what 50 did in his undergound years, That don't really mean sh!t to me. We have all done or share of iiligal activites in our life...


You wann talk about underground kings, talk about joe budden, Nas before he blew up, gangstarr, those are bout it bout it folk. cris lightly, scarface.


Ja and 50? don't realy catch my attention.


and it's funny 50 mentions how ja wanna be like pac, yet he made a diss song about ja, using nothing but pac lyrics? how original is that? the n!ggas garbage both of them...

give 50 a year, he won't be worth a quarter

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A 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule Compilation by DJ Master Ace


-Consist of 22 Tracks of back 2 back lyrics used as weapons to battle each other


Track Listing


01. 50 Cent Intro


02. Sh*t Get Ugly (50 Cent Diss)


03. Bump Heads (Ja Rule Diss)


04. Hail Mary 2003 (Ja Rule Diss)


05. Loose Change (Aftermath Diss)


06. Doe Ray Me (Haile's Revenge) (Ja Rule Diss)


07. Jay Z It's Hot (50 Cent Diss)


08. Back Down (Murder Inc. Diss)


09. Order Of Protection (Ja Rule Diss)


10. Life's On The Line (Murder Inc. Diss)


11. Jackin For Beats (50 Cent/Nas/Jayz Diss)


12. Heat (Ja Rule Diss)


13. Heat (Bullet Proof Skit)


14. 50 Cent-Skit (Ja Rule Diss)


15. The Real Wanksta (50 Cent Diss)


16. Say My Name (Murder Inc. Diss)


17. The Realest Label (Murda Inc. Diss)


18. The Realest Killaz (Bonus)


19. I Smell ***** (Murder Inc. Diss)


20. Be A Gentleman (Jay-Z Diss) (BONUS TRACK)


21. How To Rob (50 Disses To Everyone) (BONUS TRACK)


22. Free Style (Britney Spears Diss) *BONUS*

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Originally posted by - diamond princess -:

Ja is done for as well [/QB]

imma hav2 agree wit da person above! when ja first came out all u ppl r like "oh ja iz da shit" or "yo ja iz amazin" now all of a sudden sum guy comez out wit a song n yall r trippin! in da next 2-3 yearz sum otha rapper iz guna come out den evry1 iz guna be like"yo dis new guy iz da lick" or "omg he iz sooo fine imma buy hiz album"come on ppl be ****in real! i've been a ja rule fan since he came out i hav all of hiz albumz n i hate followin da crowd! sooooo dis messege goez out 2 all da followerz out dere dat c sum1 new n in 2 yearz dump them n call dem shit! F-UCK U!

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ja is better than that punk *** enienm and 50. 50 got his *** whupt by ja 2times.50can suck a dick ja

Here is the lyrics for Hail Mary.



Makeveli Rest In Peace

Irv Gotti, Too much bacardi in his body

Blows like a 12 gauge shotty

Feel Me!

And this ***** said he should be

The Lost forgotten seed of 2Pac

To Lead this industry into the way of the man

(Kay Slay talking)


[Chorus: Eminem]

Come get Me, mother****er

If you want Shady, if Pac was still here now

He would never ride with Ja




You aint no killer you a *****

That ecstasy done got you all emotional and mushy

*****es wearin rags in photos, Ja's words being quoted

In the Source stealin Pacs **** like he just wrote it

You loudmouth, pray to god hopin no ones listenin

See 50 comin for me, oh my god ma, my position

No one'll pay attention to me Please Gotti

Here I go, give me this pill

ecstasy done got me feelin so intensive?

All a sudden Im a ****in madman who screams like Im Pac

But Im not, enemies, henneseey

Actin like Im great, but Im fake Im crazy

Sweat drip get me off this trip someone stop this train

Some say my brain is all corrupted ? ?? ?? ?

I suck, Im addicted to these drugs Im'a quit

Sayin motha****as names before somebody ****s me up

Aint no pussies ova here partner, see you in hell


[Chorus: Eminem]

Come get me, mother****er

If you want Shady, if Pac was still here now

He would never ride with Ja


Get off that E

Fore you try to come and **** Shady

Its Aftermath gettin down, Shady records got it locked



[50 Cent]

Penitentiaries is packed wit promise makers

Never realize the precious time that ***** *****s is wastin

Institutionalized my *****es bring me product by the bundle

Hustle hard for my sale, G-Unit motha****a, we ballin

Catch me countin cheese and when Im callin, do you accept my calls?

Still let me sip on hennesey, can I sip some more?

Hell I done been to jail, I aint scared

Mama checkin in my bedroom, I aint there

I got a head wit no screws in it

Motha****ers thinkin they can stop 50, they losin it

Little *****s name Ja think he live like me

Talkin about he left the hospital took nine like me

You livin fantasies *****, I been checkin your ?

When your little sweet *** gonna come out of the closet?

Now he wonderin why DMX ? him out

Next time grown folks talkin ***** close yo mouth

?, I take this war **** deeply,

Done seen too many real *****s ball to let these ***** *****s beat me

Black yous a motha****in punk and you'll see me wit gloves

Quit scarin them ****in kids wit yo ugly *** mug

And you can tell them *****s you roll wit whatever you want,

but you and I know whats goin on

***** payback Tah I know your ***** *** from way back

Witness me strap the Mac knew I dont play that

All these old rappers tryin to advance

its all over now take it like a man ha ha

Irv lookin like Larry Holmes flabby as ****

tryin to playa hate on my ****,

Lovin this **** thas how you made me

feelin like I got you *****s crazy

Uh huh against all odds

Hopin my thug motha****as know

this be the realest **** I ever wrote



This is Busta Rhymes's Verse.



Hey Yo I Been one of the most humble

rep the streets to the core

Hey Jeffrey, What the **** you comin involvin me for

Its been a long time comin like a blessin to check you

See 106 and Park fans dont even ****ing respect you

Its kind of funny wannabe Pac when he a fake thug

Runnin around talkin **** that he aint capable of

now let me off this cocksucker

watch me handle you *****

if i recall Violator used to manage you *****

then took a closer look and realized you were an imposter

theres never been a Violator on a Murder INC roster dumbass

now WHOS SHOOTIN....awww made ya look

you said Bus singing the same ol hook?

you ****** if ya'll shootin i'll take a look at yo man

the ***** shot himself in front of Def Jam

Cheddar Bob *** ***** start adjustin your plans

you let the streets down ***** apologize to yo fans

watch you pull a lil stunt like we aint no one anymore

lil faggot that be desperate tryin while we tryin establish a buzz(?)

i know the **** is drivin you crazy you be wondering how

the streets aint never wanted you Beatrice

what you gonna do now?

now if you wanna beef with me then im gonna beef with you

i think about the game and (ja voice) ....WHAT IT WOULD BE WITHOUT YOU

you finished i aint tryin to repeat this

just cuz im cool you shouldnt take my kindness for weakness




Aiyyo it seems dey played the lagend's song



mah homie jamal R.I.P

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Mindstate you so damn right. Everyone was going on and on about Ja. Suddenly 50 punks him and he is worthless. But I still don't like none of them. They both had nice tunes and beats and thats what I like. But I dont run around buying their albums.


.:peace n luv:.

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I believe the question is who is hotter?

I reckon that there are both ugly but...I can't believe I am doing this but I would have to go with Ja rule. :eek: I am so disguested in myself :eek: :eek: Having to choose between 2 negroes :eek:

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arent we somali's nigroes? its not like we white


Miss laxative it seems ya use dianna dat's why ya thought ur whity grl

be who ya are ya'll never be a white lady

anways we're not talkin' about who's ugly or cute

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How dare you disrespect my fellow Somali's Mindstate, If you want to be called a nigga then fair enough. It's only fair if you speak for yourself :rolleyes: Nigga!



Section6er you are crazy. icon_razz.gif I think you need some serious issues. :rolleyes:

How cute is that picture of 2pac, adoreable

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i wasn't disrispecting my fellow somalis

am wonder what u mean we ain't nigroes

muraayada isku fiiri after that tell me how u look alike

Cadan maa isku maleesa ?


<---------proud to be nigro


lol section6er

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Maybe you didn't mean disrespect our fellow Somali's but you didn't. You are so lucky that my boyfriend is not sitting here reading this because there is nothing more he hates about a Somali guy saying that we or he is a negroe.


You need to understand that I am black (not really black, but brown) and I don't look like a monkey. Negroes represent niggas. So do you look like a monkey? I will not be suprised if you said yes.

muraayada isku fiiri

Cadan maa isku maleesa ?

I think we need a translater here. Because I won't have a clue to what you just said. :rolleyes:


So what is your final conclusion huh? :confused:

I am not a nigga how about you? :confused:

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